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People Are Sharing The Things Hollywood Always Gets Wrong About Foreign Countries, And My Eyes Are Rolling With Them

You know what they say about people who assume...

There's no shortage of stereotypes in Hollywood when it comes to film and TV — guns going off every five minutes, teens who look like 30-year-olds, and red solo cups in abundance at every party.

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But, for every overplayed stereotype about America, there are a BOATLOAD more about foreign countries and cultures.


Recently, Reddit user u/MiikuuMcFluffybutt asked the internet, "What does Hollywood get wrong about your home country?" These answers are painfully accurate.


Here are some of the best replies:

1. In Southeast Asia, there are many precariously placed fruit carts for heroes and villains to crash into.

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2. In Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is apparently a stone's throw away from the Amazon rainforest.

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3. Also in Brazil, Carnival happens year-round/is always happening when the main character is in Brazil.

Two white cartoon characters celebrating Carnival in Rio.
20th Century Fox

4. In Mexico, everything is ~sepia~ toned.


5. In Central America, everyone sells cocaine and is involved in a drug cartel.



6. In the UK, everyone only lives in London.

Daphne riding on a red bus in London.
Warner Bros.

7. Also in the UK, everyone speaks with a hoity-toity posh accent OR a brash, cockney accent.

Focus Features

8. In Africa, there is only Africa — not, you know, 50+ countries.

Karen asking Cady how she's from Africa.
Paramount Pictures

9. In Nigeria, the natives speak "Nigerian," which isn't a real language.



10. In Italy, there are only ancient Roman ruins or rustic and romantic countrysides.

BBC / Hulu

11. In Ireland, everyone is either an alcoholic or on their way to becoming one.

Universal Pictures

12. In India, there's only the Taj Mahal, trains, snake charmers*, and slums.



*Authors note: I'm PRETTY sure these are outlawed? But I could be wrong.

13. In Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, and the Outback are all close to one another.

New Line Cinema

14. In Russia, it's winter all year long.


15. In Canada, everyone is kind and eager to help, even if you're not in need of assistance.


16. In Switzerland, the only thing they're known for are their banks.

A handsome Swiss banker.
Paramount Pictures

17. In France, no matter where you are, you always have a view of the Eiffel Tower.


18. Finally, in Germany, everyone is blonde-and-blue-eyed and has, ahem, questionable morals and ethics.

Fox Searchlight

What is something Hollywood gets wrong about your home country? Sound off in the comments below!

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