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Hillary Clinton Had The Best Response To An Apology Tweet After The Presidential Debate (Hint: It's About Voting)

"Everyone better vote."

Last night was the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It was, pardon my French, a shitshow.

Side-by-side images of Joe Biden and Donald Trump during the first presidential debate of 2020.
Jim Watson / Getty Images

The only things that got me through the debate were the hilarious tweets and memes:

That and my fave bottle of rosé.

A recurring theme among the tweets was issuing public apologies to Hillary Clinton:

I so feel for Hillary right now because I’m positive she wanted to say that and couldn’t.

Chasten Buttigieg, husband of Pete Buttigieg, asked the question that was on many Twitter users' minds:

Has anyone checked in on @HillaryClinton? Girl I’m so sorry.

After all, she accurately predicted many of Trump's worst scandals back in 2016, and yet, her advice went unheeded.

But Hillary doesn't want any pity, she wants something more important:

Thanks, I’m fine. But everyone better vote.

"Thanks, I'm fine. But everyone better vote."

ABC News

So, yeah. Go vote. And if you're not registered or need more information, CLICK HERE.

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