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    52 Jokes About "Gossip Girl" Because This Show Is Still Bonkers, 14 Years Later

    When Eric told Jenny that her sweet potatoes were bland, I felt that.

    Fourteen years and two streaming services later, Gossip Girl in its entirety still lives rent free in my mind. So if you're anything like me, then you'll appreciate these jokes about this bonkers as hell show:


    iconic was when gossip girl used negative reviews as their posters

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    Twitter: @bIairswaldofs


    I'm just pressed that I went through years of torture to get a degree so I can earn a basic salary and Kristen bell made 15 million dollars for saying xoxo gossip girl

    Twitter: @aaminah_97


    gossip girl is 90% blair scheming and 10% serena saying “i have to go”

    Twitter: @ayeshahsroom


    the gossip girl thanksgiving episode was a cultural reset

    Twitter: @battinsuns


    i promise you no one is starting gossip girl for jenny humphrey

    Twitter: @bIairswaldofs


    do u think of the thanksgiving dinner from gossip girl when u hear the song whatcha say by jason derulo or are u normal?

    Twitter: @raeesaharbee


    Gossip Girl being deleted from Netflix is sad the next generation of teen girls won’t get to fancy Chuck Bass or Nate Archibald won’t get to hate Dan Humphrey or see Serena and Blair switch boyfriends all the time :(

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    So Dan Humphrey becomes a serial killer while Serena kills her twin to fake her death for insurance money. Dark times since gossip girl

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    gossip girl but it’s just serena saying she has to go

    Twitter: @bIairswaldofs


    I’m gonna tell my kids she was Serena Van der Woodson in Gossip Girl.

    Twitter: @iamtikasumpter


    maturity is knowing that blair is a better gossip girl character than serena

    Twitter: @sarahlostctrl


    not “the new gossip girl looks cheap” when serena literally had her grad cap tassel tied into her hair

    Twitter: @iredoll


    time to rewatch gossip girl again so i can realign my morals with blair waldorfs❤️

    Twitter: @quenblackwell


    remember in gossip girl when chuck and blair got married so they would have “spousal privilege” so they wouldn’t have to testify against each other about killing chuck’s dad and that was one of the least crazy things that ever happened on gossip girl?

    Twitter: @danadonly


    Every episode of Gossip Girl: -Jenny Humphreys extensions are omg so bad -Some one is pretending to be poor when they’re ~actually rich~ -Rufus looks like a full course meal -Nate gets 4 seconds of screen time just so we can see his eyebrows -Gossip girl says “uh oh, B”

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    tbh i’ve always found it funny how on gossip girl blair banishes jenny from new york and that’s just it, she has to move out and mustn’t come back and no one can do anything about it, this is just hilarious

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    okay fine i’ll say it. there is no physical way that dan could have been gossip girl

    Twitter: @eggshellfriend


    Cece Drake being Ali's transgender brother who has secretly been "A" makes less sense than Dan Humphrey being Gossip Girl tbh

    Twitter: @xcarlylongx


    Gossip Girl really tried to convince us Dan Humphrey was poor when he lived in a $2m Brooklyn loft and went to NYU

    Twitter: @essexhauttie


    its giving dan humphreys claiming he’s poor in gossip girl while living in an nyc apartment loft

    Twitter: @koralinadean


    i'm so glad i paused gossip girl s2e10 to read the beginning of dan's supposed masterpiece......... truly this show is the brightest gem of the 21st century

    Twitter: @kaysur_


    pls ryan was in juvie while dan was using rufus’s credit card setting up gossip girl’s domain and hosting from his bedroom

    Twitter: @joachimtrier


    here is my contribution to the gossip girl memes, enjoy

    Twitter: @PARAS7TE


    No one: Gossip Girl:

    Twitter: @_nicmko


    Netflix: “let’s get someone who fuckin hates Gossip Girl to write the description of Gossip Girl”

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    Gossip Girls it's Gossip GIRL

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    Twitter: @ericeidelstein


    watching gossip girl for the first time, learning a lot

    Twitter: @HarronWawker


    to my loved ones: while lowering me into my grave, play the gossip girl outro. thank you.

    Twitter: @quenblackwell


    When Blair Waldorf said whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop I felt that

    Twitter: @xhancullen


    Blair Waldorf is a better rich lawless vengeful hero than Batman

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    Twitter: @GossipGirlBich


    the WORST part of gossip girl is the Vanessa Dan Hilary duff threesome

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    normal people: *delete image* serena van der woodsen:

    Twitter: @Culture2010s


    @mygfreal RIP F. Scott Fitzgerald i know he would’ve loved Gossip Girl

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    me: i watch gossip girl for the plot the plot:

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    "wear black if you carried gossip girl"

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    serena van der woodsen dresses like she robbed a buffalo exchange

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    Hey upper east siders gossip girl here: spotted at grand central bags in hand: serena van der woodsen. Was it only a year ago our it girl disappeared for boarding school? #spongebobmeme #spongebob

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    spiritually I AM serena van der woodsen saying she has to go

    Twitter: @LAVIDAPRADA


    just remembered that Serena Van der Woodsen marries Dan Humphrey even though he literally stalked her, wrote a blog ruining her life for YEARS, and was objectively the Worst & now i’m gonna be grumpy all day

    Twitter: @holy_schnitt


    Sometimes I'm Blair Waldorf, sometimes I'm Serena Van Der Woodsen but never Jenny Humphrey.

    Twitter: @Iuismiserie


    nate archibald didn’t need to have any talent because being pretty was enough for him

    Twitter: @battinsuns


    Power Ranking the 148 characters in Gossip Girl: 1. Blair 2. Dorota 3. Chuck 4. Nate 5. Cyrus . . 37. Serena . . 71. Every other character on the show . . . 103. The Coked out dude Serena thought she killed . . 145. Dan 146. Vanessa 147. Rufus 148. Jenny

    Twitter: @parrspective


    When Nate and Vanessa dated in Gossip Girl


    Young folks playing in the beginning of the gossip girl pilot as Serena van der woodsen returns to the city > the ill never let go scene in titanic

    Twitter: @rihannasgayson


    kirk having a different name in pilot of gilmore girls is the same vibes as blair having a different mom in pilot of gossip girl

    Twitter: @SWlFTBRINAS


    I bet it KILLS Taylor momsen that there's recorded video footage of her singing Glamorous on S1 of gossip girl

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    52. In conclusion:

    Watching Gossip Girl at 23: “Wow, these people are all so glamorous!” Watching Gossip Girl at 35: “These children all have drinking problems!”

    Twitter: @shannoncandy

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