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    Dylan O'Brien's Twitter Is The Reason Why He's My White Boi Of The Month

    Dylan O'Brien owns me — body and soul.

    Hello world! This strapping young lad is Dylan O'Brien. In case you were unaware, he's an actor (see: The Maze Runner, Teen Wolf, and Love and Monsters), an activist, and long time fan of the New York Metropolitans*.

    Actor Dylan O'Brien discusses his new movie "American Assassin" at Build Studio

    He was trending on Twitter recently because of a funny quip he made about the Dune posters — more on that in a moment — and it reminded me that Dylan is actually friggin' hilarious on

    So, without further ado, please enjoy these tweets:

    1. When Dylan made this aforementioned joke about the Dune posters:

    Couldn’t be more excited to share this film with you all 🙏🏻 Really proud of this one @dunemovie #Dune2021

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    2. When he made this political jest about Cancun-gate:

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    3. When he said what we were ALL thinking:

    2020 is fucking relentless

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    4. When he and Sarah Ramos broke the internet with their Social Network reenactment:

    The scene from The Social Network where Eduardo tells Mark Zuckerberg he better lawyer up asshole starring me and @dylanobrien

    Twitter: @sarahramos

    5. When he made this apropos observation about J.K. Rowling:

    BREAKING: JK Rowling is signing an open letter to cancel... herself getting canceled

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    6. When he shared these seven words that I still feel to this day:

    I get emotionally attached to inanimate objects

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    7. When he shared this mock poster for The Maze Runner:

    First little peek at the grievers brought to life #wesyoureagenius

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    8. When he shared this fun play on characters:

    Tweet others how you would want to be tweeted

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    9. When he invented this new, fun game:

    Awesome new game: put on John Carter at any random point and try to figure out what's going on, it's really funny

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    10. When he made this observation about white men dancing:

    Honestly they’ve got nothing on my drunk white uncles

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    11. When he responded with these three words regarding Harry Styles going on tour:

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    12. When he said what we were ALL thinking:

    I am so attracted to this dude

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    13. When he agreed with this sentiment:

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    14. When he made this astute observation:

    Looks like an Onion headline 😂

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    15. When he issued this public service announcement:

    Just to be clear, when I do a quote retweet, you guys read the quote first...right?

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    16. When he made this funny comment about

    Think I'm finally gettin' the hang of this twitter thing hashtag

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    17. When he agreed that this scene from Harriet the Spy is the equivalent of a gut-punch:

    When Rosie O'Donnell gets fired in Harriet the Spy..... Ugggghhhhhhh! #gollyfeels

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    18. When he made this Destiny's Child reference:

    I don't think you're ready for this jelly

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    19. When he shared his love of foot fashion:

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    20. When he stated this stone-cold fact:

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    21. When he reminisced over this classic:

    While You Were Sleeping :) what a cute movie. love me some old school Sandra.

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    22. When he made this tongue-in-cheek comment about his Teen Wolf costar:

    Just saw @tylergposey on a train. Frrrrrreeeaking out first time I've ever been star struck

    Twitter: @dylanobrien

    23. In conclusion:

    This has been fun! I’ll try to come on and drag you guys more often 🙌