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    22 Overlooked MCU Details That Had Me Wondering If I Was Under The Influence Of The Reality Stone...

    *Mind blown emoji*

    1. This food-related moment from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse:

    2. This license plate homage from Spider-Man: Homecoming:

    3. This photo keepsake from Spider-Man 3

    4. This architectural detail from Thor: The Dark World

    5. This musical callback from Thor: Ragnarok

    6. This grassy remnant from Ant-Man:  

    7. This time-difference moment from Iron Man

    8. This caught red-TANded moment from Iron Man 2

    9. This audio callback from The Avengers: Endgame

    10. This moment of disillusion from Spider-Man

    11. This kill count detail from Captain America: Civil War

    12. This monkey see, monkey do callback from Captain America: Civil War

    13. This tribute to the motherland from Black Panther

    14. This tech update from Black Panther

    15. This geographical coincidence (...or is it??) from_ Black Panther_: 

    16. This jewelry tribute from Black Panther

    17. This use of the infinity stones in Avengers: Infinity War

    18. This nod to Shazam! from Captain Marvel:

    19. This blink-if-you-miss-it detail from Captain Marvel:

    20. This featured creature from Guardians of the Galaxy

    21. This bio detail from Guardians of the Galaxy

    22. This crime record from Guardians of the Galaxy

    H/T to r/moviedetails