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19 Details You Missed In Your Fave Halloween Movies That'll Make You Wanna Rewatch

There are actual Easter eggs in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

1. In Hocus Pocus, you can see a horror icon on the back of Max's skateboard.

Buena Vista Pictures

Hint: It's Pinhead from Hellraiser.

2. In Casper, you can see Dan Aykroyd leave the ghost-infested house in a Ghostbusters outfit (he starred in the movie).

Universal Pictures

As he's leaving the house, he says, "Who you gonna call? Someone else." This is a play on the iconic phrase from the film: "Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!"

3. In Halloween, if you look closely at the poster, there's a screaming face hidden in the killer's hand.

Compass International Pictures

4. In Hotel Transylvania, the airplanes resemble those from Romanian airlines.

Sony Pictures

Transylvania is in Romania.

5. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Cyclops appears to vanish during the "Making Christmas" song.

Buena Vista Pictures

6. In Coraline, the egg yolk that Other Mother is cracking looks like Jack Skellington.

Focus Features

7. Also in Coraline, we can see this old photo of Coraline and her parents, which shows her with brown hair, meaning that she dyes her hair blue.

Focus Features

8. In Monster House, Constance Nebbercracker — whose spirit haunts the aforementioned house — is first introduced as the circus attraction dubbed "the Lady As Big as a House."

Sony Pictures

9. Also in Monster House, the basketball that Chowder gets stuck in the hoop at the end of the film resembles a jack-o'-lantern.

Sony Pictures

10. In Corpse Bride, the jazz bar is called "Ball and Socket," a hip joint — which, coincidentally, also describes the vibe of the jazz bar.

Warner Bros.

11. In Beetlejuice, Delia is wearing Charles' sweater as pants while she cooks.

Warner Bros.

12. Also in Beetlejuice, Otho jokes that those who kill themselves become civil servants in the afterlife. The information lady in the waiting room all but confirms this.

Warner Bros.

13. In It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Lucy can be seen reading a copy of TV Guide with a picture of herself on the cover.


14. In Scream, while watching Halloween, Randy — played by Jamie Kennedy — screams, "Behind you, Jamie!" He is, of course, referring to Jamie Lee Curtis but is obviously unaware that Ghostface is behind him.

Dimension Films

15. Also in Scream, the janitor — named Fred — is dressed like Freddy Krueger.

Dimension Films

Bonus fact! The janitor is played by none other than Wes Craven himself, who ALSO directed the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, featuring Freddy K.

16. In Trick 'r Treat, the candy bar that Sam takes from the principal is revealed to be the one with the razor blade in it.

Warner Bros.

17. In Carrie, Carrie had a crush on Tommy, the star quarterback. In the closet Carrie's mother locks her in, she doesn't pray to Jesus but, rather, to St. Sebastian, the patron saint of athletes.

United Artists

18. In Addams Family Values, you can briefly see Pugsley in the background pretending to hang himself when he and Wednesday arrive at Camp Chippewa.

Paramount Pictures

19. Last, in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you can see actual Easter eggs in the film.

20th Century Fox

Bonus fact! The term "Easter egg" actually comes from Rocky Horror. The cast members decided to have an Easter egg hunt on the set, but they were unable to find them all, so eggs are hidden throughout the film. And thus the term was born.

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