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    18 Easter Eggs From Iconic 2000s Girl Movies That'll Make You Wonder How You Missed Them

    *Gasp* Elle Woods wasn't a real blonde?


    The Princess Diaries (2001) Reporter Only Has His Upper Body Tv Presentable from MovieDetails


    In Mean Girls (2004), queen bee Regina wears a “R” necklace around her neck. Cady begins wearing a “C” necklace once she has humiliated Regina and taken her place. from MovieDetails


    In Mean Girls (2004) the school’s mascot are the Lions. This is in-reference to Cady Heron’s (Lindsay Lohan) internal narrative of HS being likened to that of the African Savanna: from MovieDetails


    In A Cinderella Story (2004) during the Costume Ball scene, you can spot a skeleton goon from Batman Returns (1992). Both movies were produced by Warner Bros. from MovieDetails


    In A Cinderella Story (2004) is a frame that shows Mrs. Montgomery‘s license plate which indicates that the car (and everything else) actually belongs to Sam! from MovieDetails


    In 13 Going on 30, the blindfold that 13-year-old Jenna is wearing when she makes her wish has the same pattern as the sleep mask she is wearing when she wakes up as a 30-year-old. from MovieDetails


    In 13 Going on 30 (2004), when Jenna thinks there's an intruder in her apartment, she grabs an umbrella to defend herself. Later in the movie, when her dad hears banging from the basement (caused by Jenna), he also grabs an umbrella for self-defense. from MovieDetails


    Elle Woods isn’t a natural blonde in Legally Blonde from MovieDetails


    In Ella Enchanted, her father circles a job for "Abacus Programmer" next to an Elf dating advertisement. from MovieDetails


    In Miss Congeniality, villain Kathy Morningside is "crowned" by the poster behind her. The crown she'd later wear and utilize in her plot. from MovieDetails


    In Juno (2007) Mark dresses more and more like Juno after each encounter with her from MovieDetails


    In Juno (2007) Bleeker has a hamburger phone like Juno's, showing their strong friendship from MovieDetails


    In Easy A, the foreign film theater is showing the German language version of "The Scarlet Letter," a story that largely inspired the film. [Trivia] from MovieDetails


    Stephenie Meyer author of Twilight is in the first movie. from MovieDetails


    In 27 Dresses, directed by Anne Fletcher, Katherine Heigl's character is visiting the Fletcher & Miller wedding reception. from MovieDetails


    In Enchanted (2007) the troll that chases Giselle at the beginning of the movie is wearing a loin cloth made up of the peasant dresses from previous Disney Princesses from MovieDetails


    In The Devil Wears Prada, Emily’s computer wallpaper is the Arc de Triomphe, showing how important going to Paris for Fashion Week is to her. from MovieDetails


    At the conclusion of “The Devil Wears Prada” Andy frees herself of the self-imposed prison of Miranda’s life. She later spots Miranda who looks like a prisoner of her lifestyle while in a limo. from MovieDetails

    H/T r/moviedetails

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