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Henry Cavill's Arm Reload In "Mission Impossible: Fallout" Is What The World Needs

Sign me up for the gun show.

This weekend we were blessed with the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, Mission Impossible: Fallout.

It's jam-packed with espionage, Tom Cruise doing his own stunts, and even a little bit of ~romance~.

But, the most important part of the movie is Henry Cavill. Specifically, this:

You're probably wondering, "Did homeboy just reload his arms??" The answer is yes, yes he did. And us fans are #HEREFORIT.

Henry Cavill loading his arms is my main reason for watching #MissionImpossible, TBH.

@TorriCWMY / Via Twitter: @TorriCWMY

Like, really here for it:

Bless someone's timeline with this Henry Cavill #MissionImpossible GIF

@LightsCameraPod / Via Twitter: @LightsCameraPod

Fans want to see the arm reload everywhere. THIS IS NOT A WANT. THIS IS A NEED.

SmashBros movie is going to be LIT!

@Bosslogic / Via Twitter: @Bosslogic

Fans are even trying to include the arm reload in their everyday lives.

*Sees nachos* *Does Henry Cavill arm reload*

@MickeyFisher73 / Via Twitter: @MickeyFisher73

Even the CAST is living for his arm reload. Tom Cruise in particular.

I love how the cast of #MissionImpossibleFallout is just as obsessed with Henry Cavill reloading his arms as we all are.

@April13Dawn / Via Twitter: @April13Dawn

Cavill later revealed in an interview with Good Morning America that the move was improvised.

Genius like this doesn't come along every day, people.

So, thank you to Henry Cavill for giving the world this beautiful gift.