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Henry Cavill's Arm Reload In "Mission Impossible: Fallout" Is What The World Needs

Sign me up for the gun show.

This weekend we were blessed with the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, Mission Impossible: Fallout.

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It's jam-packed with espionage, Tom Cruise doing his own stunts, and even a little bit of ~romance~.

Paramount Pictures, Paramout Pictures

But, the most important part of the movie is Henry Cavill. Specifically, this:

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You're probably wondering, "Did homeboy just reload his arms??" The answer is yes, yes he did. And us fans are #HEREFORIT.

Henry Cavill loading his arms is my main reason for watching #MissionImpossible, TBH.

@TorriCWMY / Via Twitter: @TorriCWMY

Like, really here for it:

Bless someone's timeline with this Henry Cavill #MissionImpossible GIF

@LightsCameraPod / Via Twitter: @LightsCameraPod

Fans want to see the arm reload everywhere. THIS IS NOT A WANT. THIS IS A NEED.

SmashBros movie is going to be LIT!

@Bosslogic / Via Twitter: @Bosslogic

Fans are even trying to include the arm reload in their everyday lives.

*Sees nachos* *Does Henry Cavill arm reload*

@MickeyFisher73 / Via Twitter: @MickeyFisher73

Even the CAST is living for his arm reload. Tom Cruise in particular.

I love how the cast of #MissionImpossibleFallout is just as obsessed with Henry Cavill reloading his arms as we all are.

@April13Dawn / Via Twitter: @April13Dawn

Cavill later revealed in an interview with Good Morning America that the move was improvised.

Good Morning America

"It just felt right at the time," said Cavill. "And then I got kinda shy afterwards and didn't do it for the next take, and then [director Christopher McQuarrie] came up to me and said, 'What are you doing, do the thing again' ... and I said, 'OK, cool,' and we stuck with it, and it became a thing."

We love a humble hero.

Genius like this doesn't come along every day, people.

Shannon Finney / Getty Images

So, thank you to Henry Cavill for giving the world this beautiful gift.

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