My Brain Short-Circuited While Watching This Video Of Henry Cavill Building A Computer

    *I slowly, I slowly started to be SEDUCTED by him, like he started to seduce me!*

    This is Henry Cavill.

    And this, dear reader, is a video of Henry Cavill building a computer.

    In case you're unaware, Henry Cavill is a gamer — a person who plays video games — and he's a pretty serious one to boot!

    So, while all y'all heaux were baking bread and making fake objects outta cakes and fondant during quarantine, Henry Cavill built a whole-ass gaming computer...from SCRATCH!

    Oop! He's getting started.

    What a view...and yes, I know that the window curtains are closed.

    We love a man who reads the manual!

    This is the face I made while watching H.C. build a computer from scratch.

    Ah, yes. Now he's installing a fan so the computer doesn't overheat while staring at Henry Cavill all day.

    The screwdriver...yup. I'm just gonna leave y'all with that one.

    And then the computer was finished, something I personally didn't care about, because when Henry Cavill is in the frame, what else can you be looking at?

    I'm not the only one with their wires crossed! The internet is having a tizzy fit!

    watching the video of henry cavill building a PC on repeat all day, nobody @ me

    Glad we all agree that the video of Henry Cavill building a pc in a tank top is NSFW

    Henry Cavill the sexiest nerd on earth. 😍🔥

    Henry Cavill fixing things is my new kink.

    So yeah, hope y'all enjoyed this video! Gonna go watch it again...for research build a computer...