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People Are Giving Halsey Crap Because G-Eazy Is Now Dating Meg Thee Stallion And I Am Disgusted

Hot girl drama.

No time for pleasantries, folks! We have to jump straight into the drama. Rumors of G-Eazy and Meg Thee Stallion's ~romantic involvement~ have sparked after G-Eazy posted this pic of MTS to his grid this weekend...

...and then they were all but confirmed after this video of them, ahem, canoodling hit the internet:

Megan Thee Stallion & G-Eazy are trending on Twitter after G-Eazy shared Instagram stories getting cozy with the rising rapper in Miami.

The story has since expired from G-Eazy's IG, but thank goodness for the internet.

Now, in case you forgot, Halsey and G-Eazy dated from 2017-2018.

Erika Goldring / Getty Images

And even though they've been broken up for two years and they've BOTH moved on (Halsey is now dating Evan Peters), hecklers are still taunting Halsey about her past relationship with G-Eazy. The most recent example of this is when someone kept chanting G-Eazy's name at a concert and Halsey, appropriately, popped the fuck off:

halsey went off and didn’t give a fuck

"If you say G-Eazy one more time I'll kick your ass out of this party — I will kick your fucking ass out of this party. Test me. Fucking test me. You wanna get out of the crowd?...Who said G-Eazy? Who's fucking yelling, 'cause I'll kick your ass out of the fucking club. You will not disrespect me like that at my own show."

Now, because it's the internet, people are trashing Halsey for lashing out and criticizing her because G-Eazy is now with Meg Thee Stallion:

G eazy went from Halsey to Megan the Stallion! TALK ABOUT A FUCKING UPGRADEEEEE


Halsey posted an IG story about the ordeal that, frankly, broke my heart:

AND THEN, because that wasn't enough and people were STILL coming for her, she made this comment on her IG post:

Fans of Halsey's and others who have noted the double-standard that's happening here are coming out in droves to support Halsey in the wake of all this drama:

you don’t have to like halsey or her music but it is absolutely evil to laugh at her because she had enough of hearing about her abuser

you don’t scream out the name of the man who was trash and cheated on halsey at her own concert. that was disrespected and she handled that like a queen

this is so saddening. the internet loves to preach about mental health then turn around and somehow make halsey the villain for defending her own show...when her abusers name was screamed. i hate it here

halsey was NOT unprofessional last night when she shouted at someone at her show, she has the right to DEFEND HERSELF from someone shouting the name of her abusive ex. yall are DISGUSTING trying to make her out to be the bad person. she went through HELL and doesnt deserve this.

G-Eazy gets to hump women at clubs while halsey’s song is playing but halsey can’t be mad at a man screaming her abusive ex’s name at her own concert because that’s being “mentally unstable” and “crazy”. double standards are evil to women.

All in all, it's despicable that someone would do this to another person. Halsey is minding her own business, G-Eazy and Meg are off doing their own thing — there is absolutely no need to hash up old drama between these people. Live and let live, y'all.

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