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    26 Gen Z Celebrities Who Attended Coachella And Wore Some Pretty Cool Outfits

    Just 'cause I don't recognize most of them doesn't mean I can't appreciate their outfits!

    This weekend, celebrities young and old returned to Indio for the long-awaited Coachella!

    With Coachella comes the outfits! Here's what Gen Z influencers and celebs wore to 'chella this year:

    1. Emma Chamberlain (Day 1):

    Emma Chamberlain (Day 2):

    Emma Chamberlain (Day 3):

    2. James Charles (Day 1):

    James Charles (Day 2):

    James Charles (Day 3):

    3. Bretman Rock (Day 1):

    Bretman Rock (Day 2):

    Bretman Rock (Day 3):

    4. Remi Bader:

    5. Doja Cat:

    (Doja Cat)

    6. Claudia Sulewski:

    7. Chloe Cherry (Day 1):

    Chloe Cherry (Day 2):

    Chloe Cherry (Day 3):

    8. Chloe Bailey:

    9. Halle Bailey:

    10. Storm Reid:

    11. Jaden Smith:

    12. Conan Gray:

    13. Lil Huddy:

    14. Willow Smith:

    15. Vanessa Morgan, Camila Mendes, and Lili Reinhart:

    (Vanessa Morgan):

    (Camila Mendes):

    (Lili Reinhart):

    16. Kathryn Newton:

    17. Ellie Thumann (Day 1):

    Ellie Thumann (Day 2):

    Ellie Thumann (Day 3):

    18. Rickey Thompson (Day 1):

    Rickey Thompson (Day 2):

    Rickey Thompson (Day 3):

    19. Peyton List:

    20. Jack Harlow:

    21. Taylor Zakhar Perez:

    22. Sabrina Carpenter:

    23. Harry Styles:

    Harry performing in a sleeveless sequined jumpsuit

    24. And Billie Eilish:

    Who was your favorite look? Let us know in the comments below!