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    19 Tweets About "Sex/Life" Because It's All Anyone Can Talk About

    I can say this series puts 50 Shades of Grey to shame.

    This weekend, Netflix dropped its latest series, Sex/Life, and the people are obsessed.

    The series follows Billie (Sarah Shahi) as she fights her way through her marriage rut with her husband Cooper (Eric Vogel) while battling feelings for her ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos):

    As a huge fan of sexy dramas, I can say this series puts 50 Shades of Grey to shame — it's somehow 100% steamier and messier than anything Christian and Ana ever did.

    Megan looking at her desktop computer while holding a can of Coke

    So, if you were anything like me and spent the weekend watching this mess of a show, then these tweets will be all too relatable:


    Because Billie, what are you doing? #SexLife.

    Twitter: @enteekaay


    This is why Sasha Snow is my favourite character in #SexLife

    Twitter: @deziraygouw


    I watched Sex Life for the plot. The plot: #AdamDemos #Sexlife #Netflix

    Twitter: @thinkingofwon


    Throw the whole friend away!! #SexLife

    Twitter: @meowyogini


    She needs to put a password on her laptop 👀 #sexlife

    Twitter: @_deidrejames


    Twitter: @Katie05435645


    After seeing THAT particular scene in episode 3...she's won in life 😂 #sexlife

    Twitter: @booklover1190


    Me googling Coital alignment: #sexlife

    Twitter: @pieseasbby


    Eight years and she still has his phone number saved??…with his real name?!? #sexlife

    Twitter: @DaWakandaTarget


    Me when brad turned around in the shower #sexlife

    Twitter: @aashmusic


    Netflix’s collection of dirty blonde “he’s handsome, right?” white men they keep on retainer amuses me. #SexLife

    Twitter: @tnwhiskeywoman


    This man followed his wife's ex boyfriend to his gym, to the showers to see that the ex is PACKING. The pain in his face 💀💀💀💀 #SexLife

    Twitter: @cynthsx3


    Me initially watching: Ain’t no 🍆 that good! *after watching that shower scene* Me: #SexLife

    Twitter: @brownboywriting


    Twitter: @Jotaviaan


    When I saw her husband read her diary and then put her on the table #sexlife:

    Twitter: @2000sfuck


    Summary of #sexlife the shower scene 😩🥴😢

    Twitter: @JanineLottering


    just finished episode 4 of sex life AND DID HE JUST SHOWED HIS GENITAL THROUGH THE FUCKING FACETIME 😲💀 #sexlife

    Twitter: @emotionaldumpXO


    I'm betting "clitoral alignment technique" is one of the most searched Google topics this week 😉 #sexlife

    Twitter: @krystle_rose

    19. In conclusion:

    coming across the new #sexlife series on netflix and then realizing I have none.