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    May 1, 2020

    Francesca From "Too Hot To Handle" Spills Tea And Answers Your Burning Questions

    Fran + Harry forever!

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    Too Hot to Handle is Netflix's latest dating show about hot singletons who must abstain from sex in order to form a ~deeper~ connection. So to celebrate the success of the series, we had the one and only Francesca answer YOUR burning questions.


    This video is nonstop tea spilling! Like, someone grab me a napkin, pls.

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    Now, Frankie revealed A LOT, but one of the most precious things she revealed was about her relationship with Harry.

    As with most reality shows, not EVERYTHING they film makes it to the final cut, and Frankie was sad to see that the time Harry asked her to be his official girlfriend didn't make it into the edit:

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    "The one thing that I was hoping to see was when Harry asked me to be his girlfriend — it was the night we lost the $20,000 — BUT I think we were naked when that happened ... [and] obviously they can't air [us being] naked when he was asking me to be his girlfriend. [I wish that] made it, but it's probably a good thing that it didn't make it."

    Frankie went on to talk about how good a boyfriend Harry was while they were at the retreat — he left her treats under her pillow, helped her pick out outfits, etc.

    We truly, truly love to see it.

    Be sure to catch Frankie and the rest of the gang on Too Hot to Handle, streaming now on Netflix.

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