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    Here's Everything I Learned About Matt James After Googling Him For A Few Hours

    The reason why he applied for The Bachelor broke my heart.

    This is Matt James.

    In case you missed it, he's the Bachelor this season, which also makes him the series' FIRST BLACK BACHELOR!

    Now, we've ALL been googling this man into, just me? Welp, OK. REGARDLESS, here are all the fun tidbits I learned about Matt James during my deep dive:

    First of all, to answer the question on everyone's mind, Matt James is 6'5"!

    Matt James and Tyler Cameron — you know, from Hannah B.'s shitshow of a season — are BFFs:

    That's actually how Bach Nation got wind of Matt James! The loyal Tyler C. stans noticed the tall glass of chocolate milk on his IG and immediately followed him as well:

    It was actually Tyler C.'s late mother who encouraged Matt James to apply for The Bach:

    Matt James and Tyler C. founded ABC Food Tours — a non-profit "to create experiences for New York students facing food insecurity and adversity at home."

    Matt James was raised by his single mother, Patty, and he has a brother named John:

    Matt James attended Wake Forest University, where he played college football (with Tyler C.) and had dreads (without Tyler C.):

    Since then, Matt James has kept up with his active lifestyle, as seen via his abs and muscles:

    Matt James is a huge fan of Lauryn Hill:

    Matt James also enjoys skateboarding:

    Last, but not least, Matt James is a huge fan of Ithaca hummus:

    Matt James putting a lot of hummus in his cart

    Can't wait to learn more about Matt James throughout the rest of his Bachelor season!