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    The Third Season Of "Stranger Things" Dropped This Weekend And I Only Care About Erica Sinclair

    "You can't spell 'America' without 'Erica.'"

    This weekend the highly-anticipated third season of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix.

    A LOT of shit went down, but, IMHO, the best thing that happened was Erica Sinclair.

    We were first introduced to Erica, Lucas' little sister, back in Season 2.

    But when it was announced that Priah Ferguson was promoted to series regular for Season 3, I knew we were in store for some good content. And I was RIGHT!

    Without giving ~too much~ away, this season Erica becomes one of the founding members of the Scoops Troop — which also includes Dustin, Steve, and fellow new-comer Robin — who aid in taking down the Mind Flayer and the evil Russians.

    Let's just say, without her savvy and sassy attitude, EVERYONE in Hawkins would have gotten flayed.

    Here are some of the best tweets about the baddest tween that ever lived:



    anyways, stan erica for clear skin y’all #StrangersThings3


    erica sinclair is i c o n i c “im ten you bald bastard”🤣🤣 #StrangerThings3


    Erica Sinclair, a.k.a. the STAR of season 3. I fucking loved this little shit. 🤣💛 #StrangerThings


    Just a Stranger Things spin-off about Erica Sinclair. Pls. 🙌🏽


    Erica going into Scoops Ahoy everyday to get free samples #StrangerThings


    #strangerthings robin, dustin erica and steve trying to get erica to go inside the vents


    This is 100% Erica 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #StrangerThings



    Can we give it up for Priah Ferguson who completely blossomed this season & did what she had to do?! “Can’t spell America without Erica” #strangerthings #strangerthings3


    I STAN ERICA from #StrangerThings!! She's MY president.


    Not to get political but if Erica from #StrangerThings ran for president she would absolutely have my vote


    erica is the true star of the season there’s literally no debate #StrangerThings


    erica and her girlfriends coming to get their 10th sample of peanut butter chocolate swirl of the day #StrangerThings #StrangerThings3


    #StrangersThings3 Erica, entering Scoops Ahoy for more free samples:


    When Erica said “I’m 10 you bald bastard” THAT TOOK ME OUT 💀💀💀 #StrangersThings3


    me everytime eleven or erica breathed #StrangersThings3


    “You’re all so nerdy it’s making me physically ill.” - Erica #strangerthings3


    Young actress Priah Ferguson, known as Erica Sinclair on Netflix Series Stranger Things, hospitalized due to back pain after having to carry the show for an entire season. #strangerthings


    Erica when Dustin tells her that she is also a nerd. #StrangerThings


    Erica is really the star of this season 😂 #StrangerThings

    So shout out to Erica Sinclair, first of her name, stealer of seasons, crawler of vents, eater of free ice cream samples, deliverer of iconic one-liners, and overall badass. Can't wait to see what she gets up to in Season 4.