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    Everyone's Talking About "Emily In Paris," So I Watched The Pilot And Here Are My Thoughts

    Merci beaucoup to Darren Star.

    Hello, good folks of the interweb! My name is Ehis and I LOVE fashion. Not only do I love wearing fashionable items — pre-COVID, I've been told by many a coworker that I have dope style — but I also love watching fashion on television (Jane by Design, Gossip Girl, Project Runway, you name it, and I'm watching it).

    So, when I found out that Darren Star — the creator of Sex and the City, aka the most fashionable show known to man — had a new show coming to Netflix, I immediately added it to my queue.

    Emily talking to someone offscreen while wearing a beret.

    However, when I went on Twitter and saw everyone talking about this new show — and all the hats (???) — Emily in Paris moved to the top of my watch list:

    Finished Emily In Paris now all I want to do is drink wine by the Seine in a beret and a pretty dress

    Even though no one asked, I decided to watch the first episode of the series and give you my thoughts anyway:

    Before we jump in, here's the synopsis that Netflix gives for Emily in Paris:

    1. OK, right off the bat, I want this Cher-inspired plaid bomber jacket:

    Emily running by the Chicago river.


    Madeline talking to Emily about the French language.

    3. OK, I'm not entirely sure what Emily's job title is, but if it allows her to AFFORD KENZO CLOTHING, then I want it:

    Emily standing next to Madeline as they sample perfume.

    4. I love the energy of Emily ordering a sauvignon blanc in a Chicago sports bar:

    Emily ordering wine at a sports bar.

    5. This, too, would be my reaction to seeing this view:

    Emily being awestruck by her view of Paris from her apartment.

    6. Trés audacious:

    Gilles hitting on Emily in her apartment.

    7. I can't explain it...but I think I'm going to like him:

    A character sizing up Emily in the office.

    8. I do feel bad that Madeline gave Emily this dream job without checking to see if she knew how to speak French...

    Emily and her new French boss walking down their office hallway.

    9. America in a nutshell:

    Monsieur Broussard asking Emily about the complexities of the American healthcare system.

    10. Same energy:

    11. Oh, c'mon! Give the American a chance!

    The two bosses discuss the length of Emily's stay.

    12. OK, if this is Emily's neighbor, then Chicago boyfriend should be WORRIED...

    Gabriel opening his door to find a surprised Emily trying to get into his apartment.

    13. Smoking is bad, but this was trés hilarious:

    Emily's boss rejecting her lunch proposal.

    14. "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

    Mindy taking Emily's phone and giving her her phone number.

    15. AHH, so you're mean to this girl because she's good at her job...

    Luc confiding in Emily.

    16. At the end of a long day, all she wants is some, ahem, release, but instead Emily cuts off all the power in her building with her vibrator:

    Emily holding her vibrator.

    OMG, that was so much fun! I don't quite know where the series is gonna go from here, but I do hope that Emily shows those French coworkers she means business...also, no shade to Chicago boy, but I hope she cheats on him with hot neighbor Gilles.

    Can't wait to watch more of this show and see the iconic hats everyone can't stop talking about. Until then, I wait with bated breath.