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    Elon Musk Made An Ignorant Comment About People’s Pronouns, And People Are Calling Out The Hypocrisy

    It's so easy...not to say anything.

    Welp, girls, gays, allies, and theys, it looks like Elon Musk is back on his ignorant bullshit again, because recently, for some reason, he shared this tweet about personal pronouns. Mind you, he was in no way, shape, or form invited into this conversation, and yet, he spoke:

    Like...I'm not exactly sure what the narrative is here? Are you pro or are you dumb?

    And then, because he's Elon, he decided to dig his hole EVEN deeper when he responded to an article calling him out for his ignorance:

    @cleantechnica I absolutely support trans, but all these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare

    I personally do not care what Elon thinks re: the aesthetic of one's pronouns — especially coming from a man who gave his baby a name that most people cannot pronounce — but I DID enjoy all the tweets roasting Elon:


    This, from the guy who leaned on his keyboard and was like, “That’s a great baby name.”


    Imagine naming your infant son "X Æ A-12," and then complaining about how hard it is to call trans people by the right pronouns.


    man named his child after a tracking number and he’s worried about pronouns


    @elonmusk @cleantechnica Fellas, what's more an aesthetic nightmare? Using words that already exist in the English language, or giving your kid a name that sounds like a rejected Doctor Who character?


    Isn’t his child’s name literally a frequency wave?


    you literally named your child TI-84 Calculator


    Not you being worried about “esthetics” when you named your baby Bang Bang Boogie Say Up Jumped The Boogie To The Rhythm Of The Boogie The Beat


    @elonmusk @cleantechnica So you a billionaire, is mad about people having preferred pronouns? You named your child like a type of software system but pronouns are an issue?


    retweet to scare elon musk


    are you familiar with languages that feature formal/informal pronoun distinctions as well as male/female/neuter singular pronouns e.g. idk afrikaans

    Writer's note: In case you didn't know, Elon is South African, where the primary language is, you guessed it, Afrikaans.


    imagine the guy who created this talking about “esthetic nightmare”s


    @Lefty_Jew @elonmusk @cleantechnica If I lived in a glass house I would simply not toss stones.


    bro you named your child X Æ A-12


    I'm sorry what


    aesthetic nightmare: they/them cool and normal name: X Æ A-12


    cis people learning to pronounce X Æ A-12 vs cis people learning to refer to a singular person as "they"


    You literally named your child after a GTA cheat code fam.


    Sir, your kid’s name is a CAPTCHA.

    19. In conclusion:

    After what you initially named your own child, this tweet is truly ironic.