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    Updated on Aug 28, 2019. Posted on Aug 25, 2019

    Here's The Career Moments These Disney Legend Recipients Are Most Proud Of

    Living legends AND Disney Legends.

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    This weekend at The D23 Expo, Disney inaugurated their newest class of Disney Legends.


    The program has honored many gifted animators, Imagineers, songwriters, actors, and business leaders who have made a significant impact on the Disney legacy.

    This year is, quite possibly, the most iconic year yet! BuzzFeed chatted with some of the recipients to find out which moments in their oh-so-impactful careers they're most proud of:

    Christina Aguilera is most proud of the moments where she's picked herself back up.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Iconic Disney works: Mickey Mouse Club House and recording "Reflection" for the Mulan soundtrack.

    What she's most proud of: "It's not the highlights so much as getting back up after the hardships...that's always deeper to me than the accolades...You know, being able to look at yourself and being unafraid to take off the mask and be unafraid to speak your truth and be who you are, those are amazing messages that I'll pass on to my children."

    Jon Favreau is most proud of seeing his impact on the faces of fans.

    Ehis Osifo/BuzzFeed

    Iconic Disney works: He's the director of Disney's The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and he plays Happy in the MCU.

    What he's most proud of: "I think it's when I interact directly with the audience. And D23 is one of those places where that happens. We've shown footage here and got the immediate reaction — especially when you're with the cast — to get the feedback and appreciation from an audience that is seeing it for the first time, that's the magic moment. I remember every time we've shown footage, whether it was for Jungle Book or Lion King. Hopefully today, for The Mandalorian, people will be excited to see it. But those are the moments that I remember the most."

    Kenny Ortega is most proud of making a place for musical content when people said he wouldn't succeed.

    Ehis Osifo/BuzzFeed

    Iconic Disney works: Choreographer and director of High School Musical and Descendants.

    What he's most proud of: "A lot of people thought that musicals were dead. The music and dance and storytelling was like a thing of the past. And what I'm most proud of is that I didn't quit on myself and I didn't quit believing or dreaming that it was possible to resurrect and inspire a generation of storytelling with music and dance, and I'm grateful to the Disney Company for giving me that shot. I'm proud of myself for, you know, having stuck with my guns and not giving up. Look at where it's gotten me!"

    Barnette Ricci is most proud of Fantasmic!

    Ehis Osifo/BuzzFeed

    Iconic Disney works: She was a senior show director at Disneyland.

    What she's most proud of: "I would have to say Fantasmic! — it was my creation. That was something that I dreamt up and envisioned and brought to life."

    Wing T. Chao is most proud of what he and his team have made for hundreds of millions of people to enjoy.

    Ehis Osifo/BuzzFeed

    Iconic Disney works: He was a Disney Imagineer who worked on Epcot, Disney Paris, and Disney Hong Kong.

    What he's most proud of: "It's about teamwork and working together. My team worked so hard, you know, weekends, long hours...It's all about what we do for the guests — to make their experience memorable. Whatever we do is all for their enjoyment. Yeah, it's not for us. When the fans love it, then that's how we know we did a good job."

    And then, just for funsies, here's a pic of Robert Downey Jr.

    Ehis Osifo/BuzzFeed

    Iconic Disney works: He played Iron Man in the MCU.

    Other Disney Legend recipients:

    James Earl Jones, Actor

    Bette Midler, Actor

    Diane Sawyer, Reporter

    Robin Roberts, Reporter

    Ming-Na Wen, Actor

    Hans Zimmer, Composer

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