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People Are Sharing The Normal Customs In Their Countries That No One Else Does And I'm Shocked

Different strokes!

Disclaimer: these aren't verified facts! Just crowdsourced comments.

Ever think of a custom or tradition that you do and realize, "Huh, I wonder if they do this anywhere else?"

Well recently, Reddit user u/ojlol2 asked "What is normal in your country but seems weird to the rest of the world?" Lemme tell ya, these customs will have you wondering what people's lives are like all over the world.

Here are some of the most interesting responses:

1. In Afghanistan, it's normal for for two male friends to hold hands as a public display of friendship.

2. In Germany, it's normal to enjoy a steam in a sauna with different genders.

3. In Moldova, it's normal to buy wine at anytime, even though they stop selling alcohol at 10 p.m., because wine isn't considered alcohol.

4. In Chile, it's normal to put broken glass bottles on the walls around your house to prevent people from breaking in.

5. In the Philippines, and many other Southeast Asian and African countries, it's normal to eat with your hands.

6. In Saudi Arabia, it's normal to marry someone without knowing them and only meeting them after the marriage itself has been arranged.

7. In Austria, it's normal to "thump on the table" rather than clap your hands when you want to applaud your professor.

8. In Denmark, it's normal to leave your baby alone outside while they're napping β€” as long as they're still in your eye line.

9. In the UK, it's normal for the patrons of a bar or restaurant to cheer when someone breaks a plate.

10. In the Netherlands, it's normal to ride a bike rather than drive a car.

11. In Vietnam, it's normal to put hot sauce on everything.

12. In Scotland, it's normal for men to wear skirts year-round.

13. In Australia, it's normal to drink alcohol out of a shoe.

14. In Portugal, it's normal to have coffee after every meal β€” regardless of what time it is.

15. In Colombia, it's normal to eat fried chicken with gloves on so your hands don't get dirty.

16. And, in the US β€” and nowhere else β€” we consume pumpkin byproducts at an alarming rate.

What are some normal things in your country that no one else does? Let us know in the comments below!