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YouTube Star David Dobrik Is Getting Divorced And I'm Here To Answer All The Questions You're Bound To Have

So...David is back on the market?

Hello fellow 'Tube fiends. I'm back with some more YouTube news. This week's edition? David Dobrik is divorcing his wife of a month, Lorraine Nash.

They have been married for almost a month and, sadly, these two kids are calling it quits.

You're probably thinking, "What? This kid is 12 and she could be his mom!" To which I say, "No, he's 22 and age is but a number."

No, but actually, this all started as a lil' ruse to get back at Jason Nash — fellow Vlog Squadder — for being a wise-ass. So, enjoy this lil' journey I'm about to take you on of wholesome revenge turned wholesome matrimony...turned wholesome divorce:

It all started back on May 18, during Vlog #578 of David's. DD and Jason were joshing around in David's car, talking about Jason's kids:


And then Jason came in HOT with this retort:


Me and David's reaction.

That statement isn't true because I am currently alive and am willing to marry David Dobrik. Just saying.

Jason didn't know it then, but in that moment, he fucked up.

Flash forward to a few hours later, David is in the car with fellow V-Squadders and he drops the bomb that he's flying to Jason's mom's house in Boston to ask for her hand in marriage.

"I'm flying to Boston to propose to Jason's mom so I can become his step-dad."

Also my reaction:

Talk about CLICKBAIT!

So David arrives in Boston to see Lorraine (Jason's mom)...

She's super excited to see him, but DOES NOT know what's in store for her.

...and proposes...

David: I wanna be Jason's step-dad.

Lorraine: That would be hysterical.

...and then they fly to Vegas THAT DAY to get hitched.

I love love!

They spend their honeymoon in Hawaii and have a grand ol' time.

This is a mood.

The happy couple returned to LA to tell the squad of their recent nuptials, which everyone finds hysterical and awesome.

It IS pretty iconic.

When David fills Jason in on his wedding to his mother, Jason cannot help but applaud.

And so the student becomes the teacher.

Which brings us to present day when David has announced he's getting divorced. Quelle surprise.

So, yeah. That's the whole saga. Pretty hilarious if you ask me.

This, IMO, is David's best prank TO DATE!

Now you can watch him answer fan questions while playing with puppies.

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He talks about how he makes his videos, the Vlog Squad, and Kylie Jenner.

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