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Which "Dash & Lily" Character Are You?

Do you dare....?

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To celebrate the release of Dash & Lily, we had the cast — Austin Abrams, Midori Francis, Dante Brown, and Troy Iwata — take a quiz to determine which character from the Christmas-hijinks-YA-romance series best matches their personality.


So, should you accept the dare of watching this video, then you will be rewarded with holiday cheer and a cute-as-heck cast:

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Now, it's your turn! Take our "Which Character From Dash & Lily Are You?" quiz below and compare your results with the cast's!

The cast of Dash & Lily taking a BuzzFeed quiz
BuzzFeed Celeb
  1. Let's start off with some introspection: Which word best describes you at this very moment?

  2. Pick an iconic New York City landmark to spend the day AT:

  3. Select another NYC-based show to binge-watch:

  4. Which book are you reading in the corner of your fave coffee shop?

  5. Which Holiday beverage looks the tastiest?

  6. Pick something red from
    Dash & Lily:

  7. Finally, because why not, pick a Jonas Brothers song to jam out to:

Be sure to catch Austin, Midori, Dante, and Troy in Dash & Lily, now streaming on Netflix!

Promotional poster for Dash & Lily

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