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Tell Us The Scariest Serial Killer Fact You Ever Heard

*Hides under my sheets.*

Serial killers are Terrifying with a capital T! However, as scary as they are, there a few serial killers out there who out-terrify all the other ones.

Orion Pictures

Like Jeffrey Dahmer, who gave his neighbors sandwiches that may have been made from the flesh of his victims.

Eugene Garcia / AFP / Getty Images

Or like H.H. Holmes, who sold the skeletons of his victims to medical schools.

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Or even Ted Bundy, whose kill count is still unknown. When the count reached 36, he slyly said, "Add one digit." Is it 37? 136? 361? He took that secret with him to his grave.


It's terrifying, yet we all have this morbid curiosity to learn more about serial killers.


So tell us the creepiest serial killer fact you know in the comments below. Your response could be chosen for an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.