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    Cole Sprouse Finally Acknowledged That He Looks Like Daisy Ridley And Dylan's Comment Was Perfect

    The Sprouse triplets.

    These two humans are not the Sprouse twins, but are Cole Sprouse and Daisy Ridley.

    Before you say that I'm grasping at straws, the internet has already commented on how uncanny Cole and Daisy's resemblance is:

    someone said daisy ridley looks like cole sprouse and now i can't unsee it

    Well, recently Cole Sprouse confirmed all our suspicions in this IG post:

    His comment, quite literally, says it all:

    But that's not where the fun stops, folks!

    Dylan couldn't let Cole have all the fun, now could he?

    I'm just glad I wasn't seeing things, and the Sprouse twins see it too. Now I'm just waiting for Daisy to realize that she's the long-lost Sprouse triplet.