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Updated on Jun 12, 2020. Posted on Jun 12, 2020

Chloe X Halle's Story About Ruining Each Other's Fave Childhood Toys Is Why I Love Their Bond

Truly an iconic duo.

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Today, Chloe x Halle dropped their highly anticipated sophomore studio album, Ungodly Hour, which was received positively by critics.

So, to celebrate the drop of their album, we had the iconic sister duo conference in to take our siblings test. If this is your intro to the Bailey sisters or if you're a longtime fan, it doesn't even matter, 'cause anyone who watches this video will agree that these sisters are utterly and undeniably precious:

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We asked the sisters if they knew one another's favorite childhood toy, and this sparked a REACTION from the duo, lemme tell you.

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Same, Halle. Same.

Apparently, Halle's favorite childhood toy was a pink glow-in-the-dark Care Bear that Chloe ruined in retaliation for Halle scribbling all over her prized journal.

Now, according to Halle, she and Chloe had two identical journals, so to discern between the two, Halle thought she'd write her name on the cover of hers (Chloe claims it was more like scribbles, but I digress).

BuzzFeed Celeb / Via

Lo and behold, the journal actually belonged to Chloe, so, in turn, Chloe took a sharpie to Halle's glow-in-the-dark Care Bear as revenge.

In hindsight, Chloe realizes that probably wan't the best way to handle things, but they were KIDS!

BuzzFeed Celeb / Via

You know what I call that? Growth.

A moment of silence for Chloe's journal and Halle's Care Bear.

Chloe x Halle

Luckily for us, the girls are older and wiser now and are better at sharing! Food, clothes, vocals on alternating tracks of their new album, Ungodly Hour...sharing is caring, people!

But actually, go give Chloe x Halle's album a stream — or seven — on Spotify, Apple Music, or the music listening apparatus of your choice.

Hey, while you're listening to their album, maybe you can take the sibling test with your own sibling and see if y'all know one another as well as Chloe and Halle do!

The rules:

• Check off each of the details you're ABSOLUTELY SURE you know about your sibling. At the end, you'll get a score out of 22.

• Share your score with your sibling, and whoever has the highest score wins! If there's a tie, congratulations to you both.

• Feel free to challenge your sibling on the details they claim to know about you!

Good luck and godspeed!

  1. Check off every detail you ABSOLUTELY know about your sibling:

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