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China McClain Re-Recorded "Calling All The Monsters" With Her Sisters And I'm Obsessed

Calling all the "Calling All the Monsters" fans!

It's October 1, so you know what that means! It's OFFICIALLY SPOOKY SZN! Time to watch horror movies, eat pumpkin-flavored treats, and listen to some haunting tunes!

Ina Garten joking and saying "If you can't summon the flames directly from hell, store-bought is fine"

From the moment the clock strikes 12:00 on Oct 1, I exclusively listen to Halloween-themed music, one of my faves being "Calling All the Monsters" by China McClain.

Since this song came out, China has been living her best life, which includes starring in a lil' film franchise called Descendants, becoming one of the queens of TikTok, and STARTING A BAND WITH HER SISTERS!

And this iconic trio — appropriately dubbed Thriii — decided to RE-RECORD "Calling All the Monsters" for the 10th anniversary! My gift to you is linking the music video below for your viewing pleasure:

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Though, honest to goodness, Thriii's version of this song is a gift to us all. 

When BuzzFeed chatted with Thriii about this re-release, China's sisters, Lauryn and Sierra, were a tad hesistant to re-record this bop:

"We (Thriii) think everyone except China was nervous... This is a big song for her around this time of year, and we didn’t want to agree to it unless we were able to do it justice."

However, China was ALL ABOUT this re-record and ushering in a new era:

"I [China] on the other hand knew from jump that if 'Calling All the Monsters' was going to be remade at all, it had to be with my siblings! Disney knew this as well; it just made so much sense.”

I can confirm that these ~Thriii~ absolutely did it justice.

Thriii posing in their music video

So be sure to watch the new and improved "Calling All the Monsters" music video, and stream wherever you listen to music!