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    The Trailer For "Charlie's Angels" Just Dropped And You Can Sign Me The Heck Up

    Good morning, Charlie's Angels fans.

    Y'all. The day has arrived. The trailer for the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Charlie's Angels is HERE, and it's full of GOOD CONTENT!

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    I am not well.

    The trailer opens up with the iconic Kristen Stewart (Sabina) lookin' all docile and sweet...


    A vision.

    ...except she's NOT sweet — she's a badass secret agent.



    Oh, where's Angel No. 2? Here she is! Ella Balinska (Jane) is killin' folks with her combat skills and her smokey cat eye.


    Also, a vision.

    Is that...Patrick Stewart? Why YES! He's one of the many folks who will be playing Bosley.


    ICYMI, Bosley is no longer a person, but rather a position at The Townsend Agency. Certified badass™.

    What about the third angel? Well, she's right over here! Newbie Naomi Scott (Elena) is chatting with another Bosley — in the form of Djimon Hounsou — before they are attacked by the bad guys!


    Ella Balinska came PREPARED to fight.

    And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the most important Bosley of all: Elizabeth Friggin' Banks.


    Once more: A. VISION.

    The plot? The Angels have to get their hands on some technology that could "revolutionize the power industry." But, if placed in the wrong hands, it could lead to BAD THINGS.


    It's not said what these things do...only that they're hella important. Guess we gotta watch the movie to find out!

    This film is chock-full of glorious content:

    We got K. Stew with a sick ombré pixie cut.


    Here for this.

    We also got K. Stew blowing up cars.


    Beauty and braun.

    We got ~Noah Centineo~ who appears to be a love interest for Ella Balinska's character.


    I almost didn't recognize him outside of a Netflix movie.

    We got this wig-snatching moment.

    SONY, Marvel

    Same energy.

    And, most importantly, WE GOT THE CLOSET! Full of weapons and dope outfits...some of which might look ~familiar~.


    I love a good homage.

    And there you have it, folks. Be sure to check out all these badass ladies in Charlie's Angels in theaters on Nov. 15!

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