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I'm Sorry, I Cannot Get Over How Rude Charli And Dixie D'Amelio Were To Their Personal Chef

One word: MANNERS!

These are the D'Amelios: Marc, Heidi, Dixie, and Charli — the latter two are famous TikTokers who you may or may not have heard of*:

Recently, the quad made a family channel — dubbed The D'Amelio Family — and they launched a new series called Dinner with the D'Amelios:

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The D'Amelio Family

Basically, in every episode, they'll have a ~mystery guest~ come over for dinner and talk about stuff and eat food.

Since this video is currently trending at No. 1 on YouTube, I decided to give it a watch and...I'm not gonna lie, I don't think I'll be watching Episode 2.

In the premiere, their mystery dinner guest was none other than James Charles — who is no stranger to the D'Amelio family.

And their dinner was prepared by Chef Aaron May...which is where things go downhill.

Imma just come out and say it — Charli and Dixie were rude. Like R-U-D-E. To the point where I felt secondhand embarrassment for their behavior. I know they're beloved on social media, but that doesn't excuse the way they acted! Don't believe me? Lemme list their offenses:

First off, while Chef Aaron was giving the fam the rundown of their dinner menu — which included plant-based options for Heidi — Charli made faces that he couldn't see:

Once the paella was served, Dixie picked something up and made disgusted faces as she tried to figure out what it was:

Dixie and Marc eating dinner

Chef Aaron revealed that it was a snail — a harbinger of good luck and fortune — and instead of putting it down and eating around it, Dixie decided to GAG and make PUKE SOUNDS:

Marc and Dixie at the dinner table

Dixie then proceeded to throw up after she tried the snail...

Marc and Dixie at the dinner table

...and while the rest of the family/James continued eating because, to quote Heidi, Dixie was being "overdramatic," Charli decided to chime in and ask for DINO NUGGETS:

Marc, James, Charli, and Heidi at the dinner table

Dixie returned to the table after her lil' spell and essentially confronted Chef Aaron about his cooking choices and why he would dare feature snails in a paella dish:

The D'Amelios and James Charles at the dinner table

Also, aside from the food...they're not the best dinner hosts?? Marc carried most of the conversation, even though Dixie and Charli are GOOD FRIENDS WITH JAMES!

Marc and Dixie at the dinner table

Like, honestly, watch the video for James Charles. He's v fun and charming:

James Charles talking to the camera

Before you say that I'm being too hard on them, the comment section agrees with me:

One person commented, "The chef shouldn't cook for people that treat him like a servant"
One person summarized the scene where Dixie throws up while everyone enjoys a delicious meal
"At this point the D'amelios don't know what they're doing. James was so respectful and the girls were so ungrateful like imagine how the chef would have felt"
One person commented, "i'm getting second hand embarrassment...why are they acting llike that [skull emoji] james must've felt so uncomfortable"
One person says, "Can we talk about how perfectly fine and delicious Aaron's dishes looked?"

Here's hoping if there's an Episode 2, Charli and Dixie get a better handle on their manners...or, at least, learn how to hide their facial expressions:

Charli and Heidi at the dinner table