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Chad Michael Murray Will Be Answering Fan Questions — Tell Us Yours

I'm too excited for words.

Here ye, here ye! Everyone's fave mid-2000s heartthrob, Chad Michael Murray, will be answering YOUR burning fan questions.

So, if you have any dying-to-know queries for CMM, now's your chance!

Maybe you wanna hear about his fave memories from the good ol' river court on One Tree Hill.

Or perhaps you're interested in learning about some BTS tea from the sets of Gilmore Girls and Dawson's Creek.

Or maybe you want to hear more about his new role on Riverdale and what will become of Edgar Evernever in the following seasons.

Whatever questions you want answered by Chad, now is your time to ask! Write your questions in the drop box below and yours could be chosen for a BuzzFeed post or video!