We Need To Talk About Cersei And Jaime On "Game Of Thrones" Last Night

    Like, wut.

    🚨SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk!🚨

    Last night was the second to last episode of Game of Thrones. A lot went down: A city was burned, a pair of brothers "bowled," and visions came to fruition.

    BUT, most importantly, we need to talk about Cersei and Jaime and that BULLSHIT ending that they got.

    Just like that. Poof.

    Live footage of my reaction to Cersei and Jaime dying in each other's arms.

    I've never been so upset and confused in my entire life. I really wanted Arya to be the one to have the honor.

    Don't even GET ME STARTED on how they just didn't fulfill the valonqar prophecy, even though they fulfilled everything else.

    At least I'm not the only one feeling sad and confused:


    cersei gets killed by a CAVE IN??? BITCH SOME ROCKS????? the line to kill her got so long the deli stopped giving out numbers and a ROCK punched her ticket????? i want a refund


    In S1E1, Jaime Lannister pushes Bran Stark out of a window. This is subtle foreshadowing by David Benioff and Dan Weiss for S8E5, where eight seasons of Jaime's character development are similarly thrown out the window. #GameOfThrones


    Of all the deaths in this episode, the saddest one was Jaime's character development #GameofThrones #JaimeLannister


    cersei: *sends an assassin after jaime* cersei when jaime actually gets hurt: how fucken DARE you get hurt the love of my life my dumbass


    ‘So Arya is going to kill Cersei?’ GOT writers : Nope ‘Jaime, definitely Jaime.’ Writers : nah, but it’s gonna be glorious. ‘Dany and Drogon??’ Writer : not actually! ‘Then who?’ Writer : 👇#GameofThrones


    Best ways to kill Cersei #GameofThrones 1. Jaime kills Cersei 2. The Night King kills Cersei 3. Arya Kills Cersei 4. Drogon Kills Cersei 15. Bran wargs into Cersei and commits suicide 146. She gets Pneumonia and dies 1,672. Gets trampled by rocks


    me thinking Jaime was somehow gonna kill Cersei after hugging her #GameofThrones


    #GamefThrones fans: coming up with elaborate theories on how cersei will die including death by arya, jaime, tyrion, euron, etc. The creators of the show:


    Arya will kill cersei Dany will kill cersei Jaime will kill cersei Bricks:- hold my cement #GameofThrones


    Jaime grew so much as a character and ruining him to have Cersei die the way she did is a slap to our faces #gameofthrones


    *cersei wandering the castle alone* me: omg here comes arya *cersei and Jaime meet and hug* me: omg arya is going to impale them both with Needle while they’re hugging *cersei and Jaime in the dungeons* me: omg arya is prob hiding somewhere here *stones crush them* #GameofThrones


    Am I a bad person for thinking that Cersei deserved a more horrible death? You know like the one Robb Stark's wife had, multiple stabs to the tummy killing the fetus instantly... ...not this 'Romeo and Juliet' ending her and Jaime had. #GameofThrones


    #GameofThrones What was the point of Jon’s resurrection? What was the point of Brienne being a major part of Jaime’s storyline? What was the point of Cersei getting pregnant? What was the point of Jaime leaving Cersei in the first place? WHAT WAS THE FUCKING POINT??!


    you know what i hate the most? cersei won. she died as queen, with jaime beside her, with a good reputation probably (since she invited everyone inside the keep) and with dany as 'the mad queen' no one defeated or outsmarted cersei, she just died #GameofThrones

    Some people actually LIKED the way Cersei and Jaime went out...


    I’m obsessed with Cersei dying in Jaime’s arms as the Red Keep collapsed around her bc my good bitch denied her enemies even the satisfaction of executing her


    how i sleep knowing jaime and cersei lannister are at peace having died in the arms of the one they loved ft. the poetic destruction of the kingdom of corruption and lies that had kept them apart and haunted them for their entire lives


    I'm TIRED of people hating on Jaime's ending, this guy has been in love with his sister for 40 years, it's nobody's fault y'all think a person can change overnight, D&D fucked up by not making him leave Cersei sooner but he was gonna come back in the end either way

    ...while others are hoping that Cersei and Jaime aren't actually dead...


    I need to believe Cersei isn't dead. It makes no sense after all that build up over the years, that she would just die in the arms of the love of her life. The writing cannot possibly be so bad as to allow that.


    Y'all really gon' be pissed when Cersei gets out of that rubble and moves far away where she'll raise her baby and open a farmer's market.

    ...but just like Ned Stark after his beheading, I don't think Cersei and Jaime are gonna come back from this. No matter how much we hope they do.

    'How do you want to go?' #GameofThrones #JaimeLannister

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