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    16 Cute Celebrity Couple Photos You Might Have Missed This Week

    Don't you just love love?

    1. This pic of Bella Thorne and Mod Sun being affectionate on stage. Rock on!

    2. This pic Emily Baldoni shared of herself and Jane The Virgin star, Justin Baldoni, at the premiere of Five Feet Apart.

    3. This wedding pic Lea Michele shared of herself and her new hubby, Zandy Reich.

    4. ALSO, this wedding pic Janel Parrish shared of herself and her husband, Chris Long, in honor of their six-month anniversary.

    5. This candid pic John Mulaney shared of him, his wife, Annamarie Tendler, and their precious pup, Petunia.

    6. This pic Dylan Sprouse shared of himself and Barbra Palvin, showing they give no fucks about their haters.

    7. This cute pic Camila Mendes shared of Charles Melton visiting her on set.

    8. This pic Alexa & Katie star Paris Berelc shared of herself and Jack Griffo getting ~cozy~ in the French Quarter.

    9. This selfie Carlos PenaVega shared of himself and Alexa PenaVega being the adorable AF couple that they are.

    10. This black and white candid that Isaac Crew shared of himself and Dua Lipa.

    11. This beach pic Sarah Hyland shared of herself and Wells Adams having fun in the sun.

    12. This pic Michelle Randolph shared of herself and Gregg Sulkin serving us some beige-and-black realness.

    13. This ~outdoorsy~ pic Dylan Minnette shared of himself and front-woman of The Regrettes, Lydia Night.

    14. This mile high pic Chrishell Hartley shared of herself and This Is Us star, Justin Hartley.

    15. This cute candid Brittany Snow shared of herself and Tyler Stanland lovin' on each other like no one's watching.

    16. And finally, this #appreciation post Priyanka Chopra shared of herself and Nick Jonas. Forever will be a "sucker" for these two.