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Breonna Taylor Should Have Turned 27 Today — Here Are 27 Heartfelt Birthday Messages From Celebrities

Rest in power, Breonna.

Today should have been Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday. But sadly, she was killed in her own home by officers of the Louisville Police Department on March 13.

Here are some heartfelt messages from celebrities, wishing the late and great Breonna a happy birthday:

1. Joshua Jackson:

2. John Legend:

Happy birthday to Breonna Taylor

3. Viola Davis:

4. Kerry Washington:

5. Nick Kroll:

...and check in on friends— and she was the last person to deserve being shot 8+ times by police executing a no-knock warrant. Join me in honoring her memory by donating to her family & signing a petition to bring her killers to justice: #SayHerName

6. Regina King:

Today would've been #BreonnaTaylor 's 27th birthday. She was a full-time EMT at 2 hospitals in Lville, Ky. She was a beloved & respected essential worker, an aspiring nurse, who dedicated her life at an early age to helping others. Pray for her family & honor her life. Here's how

7. Madison Beer:

today is Breonna Taylor’s birthday. she should be alive to celebrate her 27th with us today. her life mattered. happy birthday queen, we are fighting for you and will not stop until you are given the justice you deserve beautiful girl. #sayhername

8. Alicia Keys:

Today would have been #BreonnaTaylor’s 27th birthday. She was an essential worker murdered by the police while she was sleeping. She should be alive to celebrate! But instead no charges have been issued and no arrests have been made with the officers involved.

9. Ben Platt:

Just donated again in honor of what should have been #BreonnaTaylor’s 27th birthday - match me at the link below if that’s something you can do, if not you can sign the petition or follow instructions on how to help with a phone call or social post- many ways to take action 💕

10. Cardi B:

Happy Birthday #BreonnaTaylor .She looks so pretty and fine in this pic.Her story it’s so sad and unfair and it almost didn’t get picked up by the media.Kentuky police department really tried to sweep her case under the rug,but got is BIG.The fight ain’t over till you get justice

11. Megan Thee Stallion:

Today Breonna would’ve been celebrating her 27th birthday but instead she was murdered in her bed by police that are calling it a “clerical error” let’s demand justice for her today and here’s how 👇🏾👇🏾#BreonnaTaylor #BreonnaTaylorBirthday

12. Dvsn:

It’s #BreonnaTaylor ‘s Birthday... happy birthday Queen. We not gonna shut up or stop until there’s been justice for you. Rest in power and paradise! 👸🏾👑

13. Janet Jackson:

SAY HER NAME 💔 Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday is today. ⁣ ⁣ #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor #SayHerName⁣ ⁣ Shared from IG: ontheqtrain

14. Ariana Grande:

#birthdayforbreonna #sayhername we are fighting for you 🤍 to demand justice for her and her family text ENOUGH to 55156 or visit

15. Chloe and Halle Bailey:

16. Jaz Sinclair:

17. Nick Cannon:

18. Tony Goldwyn:

19. Hilary Duff:

20. Janelle Monae:

21. Billie Eilish:

22. Amandla Stenberg:

23. Selena Gomez:

Breonna Taylor would’ve been 27 years old today. The same age I am. But she was shot 8 times. Please join me in signing this petition and let’s get #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor

24. Taraji P. Henson:

Let’s give #breonnataylor #Justice for her birthday!!! JESUS....she was asleep in her own bed getting her rest to wake up and save lives (as a first responder studying to be a nurse) and her precious life was taken…

25. Danai Gurira:

Happy 27th Birthday Breonna. You will not be forgotten. #JusticeforBreonna

26. Samuel L. Jackson:

Breonna Taylor would be 27 today!!!SAY HER NAME!! #guiltyasnotcharged

27. And Zoë Kravitz:

Even as I write this, more and more birthday messages are pouring in for Breonna Taylor. She was taken too soon, her greatness squandered before she even reached her full potential. I am saddened by this, but this makes me that much more determined to fight for change and progress. Happy birthday and rest in power, Breonna.