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What Questions Do You Have For The Cast Of "Cats"?

Utter purrfection.

Humans of the internet. The time is nigh. The cast of the live-action Cats will be answering your fan questions...

...while playing with precious kitties!

So we wanna know what questions and queries you have for them!

Maybe you want to know what it's like for Jason Derulo to star in his first film.

Maybe you want to know how Jennifer Hudson feels about singing the iconic Broadway number "Memory."

Maybe you want to know how Francesca Hayward made the shift from ballerina to cat-erina.

Or maybe you want to know which of her roles Rebel Wilson loves the most.

Whatever questions you want answered by the Cats cast, now is your time to ask! Drop your questions in the comments below and yours could be chosen for a BuzzFeed post or video!