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    Updated on May 8, 2019. Posted on May 8, 2019

    The Cast Of "The Last Summer" Just Met For The First Time And I'm Gobsmacked

    How is this possible?

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    These six attractive humans make up the cast of Netflix's latest teen romance, The Last Summer, and they joined together to share their ~firsts~.


    So much beauty in this one pic. We have: Halston Sage, Maia Mitchell, KJ Apa, Jacob Lattimore, Tyler Posey, and Wolfgang Novogratz.

    This video is 11 minutes of cute anecdotes, charming stories, and Maia Mitchell and KJ Apa's snazzy accents.

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    While discussing their firsts, these pretty people realized that this was the FIRST TIME they've all been in a room together EVER. Some of them even met THAT DAY!



    Halston Sage met Maia Mitchell and KJ Apa during THIS VERY INTERVIEW.


    I mean, their stories lines didn't overlap in the movie, but STILL!

    Wolfgang Novogratz and Tyler Posey also met for the first time, too!


    OK, their stories lines DID kind of overlap, but I digress.

    KJ and Tyler met VERY briefly at Comic Con one year, but hadn't seen each other since.


    Tyler Posey: We met —

    KJ Apa: We met briefly at Comic Con, yeah.

    Literally can't believe BuzzFeed is reposible for uniting these beautiful creatures. What an honor.

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    Make sure that YOU see all these hawt humans in The Last Summer, streaming on Netflix now!

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