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    Brie Larson Took An Online Quiz And Now People Are Wondering If She Just Came Out, Or...


    Last year, Brie Larson was one of the many celebs to launch a YouTube channel, but her's is the ONLY one I actually care about/subscribe to.

    Brie Larson arriving on the red carpet for the Captain Marvel premiere

    A few hours ago, she posted this video of her taking quizzes about herself to her channel:

    View this video on YouTube

    Brie Larson / Via

    I, too, would do this if I was of any importance.

    IMMEDIATELY, the internet watched this video and many people pointed out this specific clip:

    Twitter: @RU3BENNETT

    In the clip, Brie Larson was asked "You're 10 years old, how do you spend an hour of recess?" and she answered with "searching WikiHow on the library computer for "how do you know if you're gay?"

    NOW, I must point out that Brie Larson picked the option she was MOST LIKELY to do, which means this may not be her coming out, but just choosing the option that best suited her 10-year-old self!

    Brie Larson taking a quiz about herself

    Needless to say, Twitter is, how do you say, losing it:

    Sarah Paulson screaming under a table

    Anyway, here are some of the funniest tweets about Brie Larson potentially coming out???**

    **Or, at the very least, alluding to the fact that she was a very inquisitive child.

    Twitter: @silentmvies

    brie larson at 10 years old in the school library searching “how do i know if im gay”

    Twitter: @earpscorp
    Twitter: @quinzelcorp

    Brie Larson: i'm dropping hints that I'm gay Brie Larson:

    Twitter: @kenobeavfd

    “at 10 years old, i would be in the computer library researching “how do i know if i am gay?” “how do i top lesbians?” “(sings) i'm gay”. BRIE LARSON IS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING, COME GIRL DON'T BE SHY

    Twitter: @dnvvers

    Brie Larson’s pr team scrambling because they just realized they can’t have Brie make out with a dude in a grocery store in order to stop the rumors for roughly two weeks

    Twitter: @cowboyswiffer
    Twitter: @gayluthxr

    ten year old brie larson in the library

    Twitter: @bridgersfilm

    brie larson GAY? NOT CLICKBAIT

    Twitter: @nellswilds

    brie Larson said i respect the straight community but it ain't me

    Twitter: @zwanheda

    since brie larson is trending for being fruity let’s not forget this

    Twitter: @fruitytayIor

    brie larson subtly saying she’s gay in her yt video then just dipping

    Twitter: @RU3BENNETT

    we find out brie larson is gay every single month and it never gets old

    Twitter: @toIerateit

    10 year old brie larson searching quizzes online to know if she's gay

    Twitter: @sapphicstarks

    ONCE AGAIN, I must reiterate, this isn't a confirmation about Brie Larson's sexuality. That being said, excuse me while I go dissect every Brie Larson interview on the internet, OK byeeeeeeeeee.