The Hand Touch Between Simon And Daphne Is *Actually* The Steamiest Scene In "Bridgerton"

    Broke: library scene. Woke: hand touch by the portrait scene.

    Bridgerton has been all the rage since it premiered on Christmas Day — thank you, Shonda — and I consider myself a loyal member of the BFC (Bridgerton Fan Club).

    Now, in case you weren't aware, Season 1 follows Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset's enemies-to-fake-dating-to-lovers-to-passionate-enemies-and-then-back-to-lovers storyline*.

    Much to everyone's surprise and, ahem, enjoyment, there is a LOT of sex in this show. SPECIFICALLY, the stirring library scene™ has been all anyone can talk about:

    Simon and Daphne having sex up against a ladder

    Well, dear reader, I am here to direct your attention to ANOTHER scene that deserves our attention: the HAND TOUCH!

    Simon and Daphne holding hands in front of a portrait

    When I say I stan...

    give me a gentle hand caress between upper class 19th century men and women too stubborn to express their love for one another over a steamy sex scene any day

    So, needless to say, when I saw this scene in Bridgerton I just about fainted:



    Daphne and Simon sharing an illicit hand touch

    Upon further inspection, Daphne is seen putting her glove back on. Which means she WANTED TO FEEL THE DUKE'S TOUCH!!

    Daphne putting her glove back on as she and Simon reenter the room

    Before you get your corset in a twist, I'm not the only one who! thinks! this!

    I’ve never gotten so hot and bothered over a hand touch #Bridgerton

    I never imagined that a touch of a hand would make me shiver. #LiveTweet #Bridgerton

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    what's the most sensual scene in bridgerton and why is it the hand touch ™️

    Twitter: @_artemisrose

    The hottest scene in #Bridgerton isn’t sex it’s when Daphne is talking about his painting and then their hands touch! Makes me as happy as the hand flex from pride & prejudice (2005)

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    Twitter: @northremus

    Period pieces making hand touches and hand holding erotic....bring that back!!!! #Bridgerton

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    Twitter: @MariposaWarrior

    it’s that sex scene without sex and lots of intimacy #Bridgerton

    I rest my case:

    this is probably one of my favorite scenes from #Bridgerton

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