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    Tayshia Took Over "The Bachelorette" And Got Gifted With Four New Men, And Other Dramatic Moments From "The Bachelorette" Last Night

    And that's what you missed on Bach!

    Helloooo, Bach Nation! Welcome to your fifth installation of Bach in a Bite: The Official Bachelorette Recap.

    Graphic that says 'The Bachelorette Recap: The Roses, The Thorns, And Everything In Between'
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    If you skipped last week's episode, you can catch up in a jiffy here.

    Now, this isn't meant to be a two-hour affair, so let's jump right in, shall we?

    Last week ended with Clare and Dale getting engaged and ending their ~journey~ early. But all is well, because Tayshia swooped in to save the day!

    Tayshia exiting the limo

    Already, things are coming up Milhouse. The grass is greener, the sky is bluer, and the roses are thornier.

    Tayshia hugging her suitors

    AKA Tayshia seems to be giving these men the time of day.

    But WHAT would The Bach be without a lil' drama? And that drama came in the form of four brand-spanking-new suitors to add to the fold.

    Chris Harrison telling Tayshia she's getting more men

    LET THE DRAMA COMMENCE! Tonight, in addition to Clare's Crew, we have Spencer from La Jolla, California; Montel from Boston; Peter from Framingham, Massachusetts; and Noah the 'Stache from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    From the jump, this Spencer cat is...something.

    Spencer entering the mansion


    But CLEARLY he made a good first impression on Tayshia, because he got the second FIR of the season:

    Tayshia giving Spencer the First Impression Rose

    Afterward, Tayshia canceled the rose ceremony...but only because she wants to continue her journey with ALL THE MEN, and not, because, you know, she only has eyes for one dude after meeting him for 10 minutes.

    Tayshia addressing her suitors

    But I digress!

    Chris Harrison interrupted Tay's ep with a no-one-asked-for-this update from Clare and Dale. To condense 20 minutes into 20 seconds, here's what was revealed: Yes, it was love at first sight; no, they didn't talk beforehand; and yes, they're still together.

    Clare and Dale talking about their love

    And that's that on that!

    OK, enough of that. Back to Tay. There was a group date that involved a game of water basketball — water polo?? — which results in Spencer getting decked in the face because it's v clear that the boyz in the house are not fans of his:

    Spencer getting cared for by a first aid attendant

    That face is too pretty to bleed.

    However, despite getting the face deck, it was Eazy-E-Who-Doesn't-Come-for-Free who took home the date night rose:

    Eazy talking about getting the date rose

    I'm pretty sure in this one episode, Tayshia gave out more roses than Clare did in her four episodes.

    However, where there are roses, there are also thorns. Jason unfortunately cut his journey short with Tayshia because he still had feelings for Clare and he didn't think it'd be fair to Tay to continue dating:

    Jason breaking up with Tayshia

    But he assured her that the other 19 men are 100% here for THE RIGHT REASONS. I honestly respect him for being able to come to terms with his emotions and make a mature choice.

    A fallen petal for our fallen suitor:

    Walt Disney Studios

    Jason's the first suitor I was actually sad to see go home.

    But the journey must continue! Brendan gets the first one-on-one with Tayshia...

    Brendan getting his one-on-one date

    ...which involved, ahem, a certain form of blocking from one Chris Harrison...

    Chris Harrison waving down Tayshia and Brendan on their date

    ...but they connected on a deeper level, and he ended up getting a rose and sealing their date with a kiss worthy of fireworks:

    Tayshia and Brendan kissing in front of fireworks

    "Exciting music."

    Aaaannnnd, that's what you missed! Tune in next week — and the rest of the season — for the roses, the thorns, and everything in between!

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