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    Anna Spread A Rumor About A Contestant Being An Escort, And Bach Nation Is NOT Having It


    HELLOOOO, Bach Nation! Welcome to your fourth installment of "Bach in a Bite: The Official Bachelor Recap."


    In case you missed last week's episode, you can catch up in a jiffy here.

    Now, this isn't meant to be a two-hour affair, so let's jump right in, shall we?

    Last week ended with Sarah self-eliminating, but alas, the show must go on! The date-night cocktail party continued, and Matt James had an amazing conversation with Chelsea, which scored her the date-night rose.

    Matt James asking Chelsea if she will accept this rose

    Chelsea opened up about shaving her head and forcing herself, as a Black woman, to fit into white spaces. V emotional to see as someone who went through that growing up.

    It's time for the rose ceremony cocktail party! Before things can even GET STARTED, Chris Harrison interrupts Queen Victoria's time...

    Chris Harrison interrupting Matt James and Victoria's alone time
    ABC introduce Matt James to FIVE NEW LADY SUITORS!


    The new lady suitors include Brittany, a 23-year-old model from Chicago (remember her); Michelle, a 27-year-old teacher from Minnesota (remember her, too); Ryan, a 26-year-old dancer from Brooklyn; Catalina, a 29-year-old pageant queen from Puerto Rico; and Kimberly, a 28-year-old ICU nurse from Los Angeles.

    It goes without saying that the OG lady suitors are not pleased with the newcomers. Victoria went as far as to REMOVE. THE CROWN. FROM CATALINA'S. HEAD.

    Victoria wearing a crown on her head and saying "I think you're Elsa royalty tonight

    Catalina was Miss Puerto Rico Universe...and Victoria is...Victoria.

    This, of course, threw a wrench in things, but there was still a rose ceremony, and some women went home — including some new ladies and some OGs. A fallen petal for each of our fallen lady suitors.

    Walt Disney Studios

    The women who went home were Kim (who arrived that evening) and Kaili and Khaylah, who've been there since night one.

    A new day = a new group date! It's a mix of some new ladies and OG ladies. OH, and Ben Higgins is there!


    The group date consisted of a fall-themed obstacle course, which was, in a word, hilarious:


    During the date-night cocktail hour, Anna spills the beans to Victoria that she's had people "warn her" about Brittany being an escort:

    Anna saying that Brittany is entertaining men for money

    Her reasoning? Because "she knows all the wealthy men in Chicago."


    Brittany confronting Anna about spreading rumors

    Not only is it not your business, Anna, but you went as far as to take business that's not yours and air it in front of EVERYONE! EVEN IF IT'S TRUE, WHERE DO YOU GET THE RIGHT TO JUDGE HER FOR HER PROFESSION? I cannot.

    The following day, none of the OG ladies were pleased when Michelle, a newbie, got the one-on-one date. But I ain't mad 'cause they're CUTE AS HECK! Officially rooting for Michelle.

    Michelle and Matt James hugging in front of a bouquet of balloons

    "How can you hate from outside of the club when you can't even get in??"

    Quelle surprise, she got a date-night rose, to which I say, if you don't marry this woman, Matt James, we're gonna have to talk.

    Matt James presenting Michelle with a date night rose

    The second group date involved a boxing match — which Wells Adams showed up to judge — but it had to come to an end early 'cause THE HANDS WERE GETTING THROWN A LIL' TOO HARD!

    Matt James calling the boxing match and consoling Serena P. after getting decked in the face

    Matt James immediately moved to the cocktail hour, where Katie actually pulled him aside because she was concerned about all the rumors about Brittany being an escort going around in the house/the overall toxicity in the house.

    Anna confronting Matt James about the bullying in the house

    The consensus from Bach Nation is that 1) Anna needs to know that WORDS. MEAN. THINGS:

    If the rumor isn’t true, Anna started a stigmatizing lie about Brittany that could ruin her life. If it is true, Anna outed a sex worker on national tv and potentially put her life in danger to be petty. That isn’t funny, cute, or “tea”. That’s fucked up #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @LivB06

    2) Katie is too grown for the majority of the women in this house:

    I hope they’re giving Katie $20 an hour for all the babysitting she’s doing. #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @viallnicholas28

    And 3) Michelle better be the one Matt James gets down on one knee for at the ~end of this journey~:

    if it’s not Michelle at the end of this I’ll be upset she just quoted his fav quote and didn’t know it #TheBachelor

    Twitter: @emilykohara

    And that's what you missed on Bach! Tune in next week — and the rest of the season — for the roses, the thorns, and everything in between!