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Here's Your Much-Needed Explainer On Ariana Grande's Halloween Costume This Year

"You just crossed over into...The Twilight Zone."

This is Ariana Grande — specifically, this is what she typically looks like.

Since the beginning of the week, Ari has been posing Twilight Zone content to her socials, which had me ~thinking~ that she was going to do a Twi-Zone themed costume this year.

My suspicions were all but confirmed when A.G. posted a series of clips from the iconic T-Zone episode "Eye of the Beholder" to her grid.


The episode is about a young woman named Janet Tyler who undergoes her final surgery in order to "look normal." It is only when her bandage are unwrapped do we see that Janet is conventionally attractive to the viewer, but is deemed ugly in her universe. When she's sent away to live with the other "uglies," she is told that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and to not give up hope on finding love.

The episode is meant to have us question standards of beauty and make us realize that beauty can take many different forms.


This episode is one of my favorites. So good.

So, when I saw Ariana Grande's latest post 100% confirming what I thought, I loved her costume EVEN MORE!

My initial reaction to this pic:


Like, without context, you're like, "Wut is this?" But with context, at the most, it's a commentary on today's beauty standards, and at the least, it's proof that Ariana Grande has amazing taste in TV shows.

Say what you wanna say, but Queen Ari won Halloween this year, IMO.

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