14 Tweets From People Who Are Up In Arms About The Treatment Of The Models On "ANTM"

    "Tyra was emotionally tormenting women and sliding them $40 a day????? FOUR-TEE ??????"

    By now, we all know that America's Next Top Model was one of the most problematic shows on televison, though at the time, we thought Tyra was a godsend for making these girls' dreams come true.

    And it seems like every few months, news emerges about just how awful things were behind the scenes of the show. This most recent unveiling comes in the form of how much the models were allegedly paid on the show:

    $40 a day, no residuals, and we had to pay for food. https://t.co/lnclnbj2GZ

    Twitter: @sarahhartshorne

    In case you forgot, Sarah was a contestant on Cycle 9 of America's Next Top Model. On her TikTok, she documents all the things that she endured — and is allowed to talk about — on her season of ANTM, which you can check out for yourself!

    "No residuals?"


    Needless to say, this tweet has reignited the ANTM discourse on Twitter. Here are some of the best tweets:


    @sarahhartshorne 💀 at Tyra sending girls home with a shaved head, failed dreams, and $40

    The CW / Twitter: @badboysremix


    Tyra Banks must pay for her crimes…

    The CW / Twitter: @Selena_ninaa


    If I was Tyra Banks I would live everyday in fear of the inevitable Netflix or HBO documentary of ANTM

    Twitter: @LOUIS_via_ROMA


    Tyra was emotionally tormenting women and sliding them $40 a day????? FOUR-TEE ??????

    Twitter: @jiggyjayy2


    The CW / Twitter: @pineabul


    Tyra had them girls doing Legends of the Hidden Temple challenges.

    Twitter: @awkward_duck


    Tyra Banks would’ve made this a runway challenge on America’s Next Top Model

    Netflix / Twitter: @joeynolfi


    The CW / Twitter: @DoctorJonPaul


    @kirkxxs tyra had the girls out here like:

    Twitter: @cari_mclellan


    Twitter: @dylanali_


    @jiggyjayy2 at this point there should be a “Surviving ANTM” series

    Twitter: @nonchalantthug


    @jiggyjayy2 Can't even afford to get your hair redone after Tyra done shipped yo ass home in week 4.

    The CW / Twitter: @gorgeousglamher


    Every time I see videos of Tyra, I understand Naomi more and more. And that’s all I’ll say on that. https://t.co/lxuY2JAkgU

    The CW / Twitter: @NonhleBeryl


    They need to do a documentary on America’s Next Top Model from the models’ perspective

    Twitter: @DeeLaSheeArt