I Am Unwell At This Fact Andrew Garfield Revealed About The "You Better Lawyer Up, Asshole" Scene From "The Social Network"

    "I'm not coming back for 30%. I'm coming back for everything."

    This handsome lad is Andrew Garfield — star of the upcoming film Mainstream, as well as my favorite Spider-Man films and The Social Network (aka the best movie ever made).

    Andrew Garfield posing on a red carpet in a suit

    So, to commemorate his face returning to our screens, we had Andrew Zoom in and read the internet's ~thirstiest tweets~.

    Andrew Garfield reading thirst tweets with the caption "God, why did I agree to this?"

    This video is six minutes and six seconds of Andrew being the perfect blend of bashful and sexy, but I would like to highlight a tidbit he mentioned about The Social Network.

    Mark, Chrissy, and Eduardo sitting at a table in The Social Network

    Now, we ALL know the iconic scene when Eduardo storms into the Facebook offices and comes at Mark for diluting his shares in the site, which results in Eduardo threatening legal action.

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    SPECIFICALLY, the line, "You better lawyer up, asshole."

    Well, Andrew revealed that it was his idea to whisper the line instead of saying it in a normal voice or even yelling it:

    The cool thing about that movie [is that] my love [for] Jesse Eisenberg and the relationship we created for that film meant that I wanted that line to hurt more than if I [had] shouted it. I wanted it to be lodged in his fucking soul.

    After reading the script, nowhere does it say how the line should be delivered, only that it's, you know, said. THE DELIVERY WAS ALL ANDY!

    Eduardo threatening legal action against Mark

    This man's mind...truly brilliant.

    Be sure to watch him read thirst tweets in the video below! You will have no regrets.

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    ALSO, be sure to catch him in Mainstream, available in theaters and for digital download now!