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    After Watching The Cast Of Amazon Prime's "The Wild" Play A Game Of Superlatives, I Am Completely Obsessed With Them

    The Wilds is Pretty Little Liars meets Lord of the Flies.

    On this very day, Amazon Prime debuted their first ever teen series, The Wilds.

    So, to celebrate the release of their series, we had the cast of the show — Sophia Ali, Shannon Barry, Sarah Pidgeon, Mia Healey, Erana James, Reign Edwards, and Jenna Clause — hop on a Zoom call with us to play a game of Who's Who.

    The cast of The Wilds playing a BuzzFeed game

    These ladies are so precious, I can't even:

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    For a pretty intense show, these seven women are super fun and spunky.

    Like, Reign — who plays Rachel, an elite diver suffering from an eating disorder — couldn't be more opposite from her onscreen character.

    Rachel being v. intense:

    Reign being v. goofy:

    The cast of The Wilds playing a BuzzFeed game

    Just goes to show how well these ladies can act! Luckily for you, you can see all of their acting talents in The Wilds, now streaming on Amazon Prime.