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Olympia's Dad Meant To Tweet About The Election, But It Came Across As A Thirst Tweet About Serena Williams

It's the Georgia peach for me.

These gorgeous humans are Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Sr. They are married and are very much in love.

While Alexis Ohanian Sr. is successful in his own right — he's the cofounder of Reddit — he is often referred to as Serena's husband / Olympia's dad*.

Now, this week, we've been anxiously watching the votes get tallied in several key states to determine who the next president is going to be. One of those key states is Georgia.

So, Alexis probably didn't think twice when he tweeted this as the nation watched Georgia's ballots get counted:

In case you need an emoji refresher, the peach emoji is code for a butt — a bootylicious butt, to be more specific.

So, when people saw Alexis Sr. tweet this, they IMMEDIATELY thought he was talking about Serena:

@alexisohanian you mean this 🍑?! .. 👀

@alexisohanian For a minute there I thought you were looking at your wife. ❤️

He soon realized his error, and corrected it in the best way:

"...but y'all ain't wrong."

After this week, I really needed this laugh.