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    Drake And Adele's Unlikely Friendship Is The One Celeb Friendship I Didn't Know That I Needed Until Now

    I love these two.

    My taste in music can be summed up in two artists: Queen Adele and Drizzy Drake. To say I'm 100% obsessed with these two humans is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the MILLENNIUM!

    Columbia, Cash Money

    Seriously. I've seen them both in concert and know all the words to their songs.

    So, today, while I was minding my own business, scrolling through Twitter, I saw that both my music idols HUNG OUT this past weekend!

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


    They spent the day kickin' it around L.A., having a grand ol' time.


    According to TMZ's sources, they got food at Jerry's Deli, then bowled next door at Pinz Bowling Center, and then moseyed on down to Chill N Vape Lounge. All places I frequent regularly, so excuse me while I go hyperventilate.

    The only sad thing about this blessed union is that no pics were taken. But, then again, maybe they were just living in the moment, enjoying each other's friendship.


    To be a fly on the wall...

    Drake and Adele's admiration of each other – that we know of! – goes back to October when Adele tweeted her love of Drake after seeing him perform:

    Oiii Champagne Papi blew my mind tonight! Best production I’ve ever seen hands down and way up there with one of my favorite shows of all time. Huge love ❤️

    Adele rarely tweets, so this...was a huge deal. The highest honor one can receive from her, IMO.

    Drizzy then took it to IG to reciprocate his appreciation for her:

    Thus marks the start of a beautiful friendship.

    So yeah, Drake and Adele are friends and my day has been made. Maybe they'll be more public during their next hang, maybe they'll keep it private 'cause that's their right. All I know is, if we get an Drake x Adele collab out of this, I will fucking implode.

    Luca V. Teuchmann / Getty Images, Michael Loccisano

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