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    Adam Scott Appreciates Your Love Of Calzones And Cones Of Dunshire While Reading Thirst Tweets

    "'I am most attracted to Adam Scott in Party Down because my type is guys with depression.' You would have loved me in the late '90s!"

    This handsome stud is Adam Scott, and he's been a handsome stud for approx. 30 years:

    So, naturally, we had to have him read and react to the internet's thirstiest tweets:

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    BuzzFeed Celeb / Via

    What I wasn't prepared for was the trip down thirsty lane. We started at Boy Meets World...

    Adam looking at a man in a scene from Boy Meets World

    ...circled over to Parks and Rec...

    ...made a quick pit stop at Party Down...

    ...and ended our tour at Big Little Lies.

    Be sure to catch Adam Scott in Severance, airing weekly on AppleTV+.