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Here's What All Your Fave Celebs Would Look Like If Their Faces Were Perfectly Symmetrical

Prepare to be uncomfortable.

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Facial symmetry is one of those things we're automatically attracted to, but of course, no one's actually got a perfectly symmetrical face. Not even those inhumanely good-looking people we call celebs! Still, to see what a perfectly symmetrical face would look like on our fave stars, we used the mirror effect on celebrity photos. Each photo on the left shows the left hand side of the face reflected over. And each photo on the right shows a mirror image of the right hand side of the face.

Marion Cotillard

Ryan Gosling


Denzel Washington

Natalie Portman


Léa Seydoux

Vanessa Paradis



Brad Pitt


Kanye West

Jon Hamm


Kim Kardashian

John Cho

Sofía Vergara

This post was translated from French.