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21 Reasons Cooking Is Both Terrifying And Wonderful

Ingredients + You + Mess = Dinner on the table.

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1. So you're on the Interwebs and all you see is delicious food.

nom nom nom nom nom

nom nom nom nom nom

2. "I could totally make this! This looks awesome!"

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3. How hard could it be? You made that thing that one time.

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4. Sure, your usual attempts at cooking sometimes end up...

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5. But you're not a quitter!

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6. First things first - buy the ingredients! Farmer's market, here I come!

7. Oh, right. You don't live anywhere near a farmer's market. Local grocery store it is!


8. You can't find anything. Honestly, it's like they want you to fail.

9. Prices are just stupid. This hunk of beef is how much a pound?

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10. You finally get your ridiculously expensive groceries home, and you have no idea what you were thinking.

Just... so many apples.
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Just... so many apples.

11. Okay, time to make some magic!

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12. Messy, wonderful magic.

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13. This is totally easy. No, you don't know what chiffonade means. You also forgot to buy half the ingredients. And you forgot to bookmark the recipe. Improvisation is key.

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14. You finally get everything all mise en placed, the oven is ovening and this meal is actually coming together.


15. And now every plate and utensil you own is in the sink.


16. And you don't have a dining room table.

17. But so what if you don't have matching place settings and a beautiful table cloth..

18. Messy is good!

19. You made it with your own hands! You turned ingredients into food!

20. Wonderful, wonderful food.

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21. You cooked, you succeeded, and now you can brag about it on Facebook.

Congratulations - you WIN.

Congratulations - you WIN.