9 Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts

Don’t want to give the typical box of chocolates to your beloved? Here are nine alternatives for the love in your life.

1. Slayer Jar With Candy

Spread a little hate worldwide with the Slayer Candy and Jar! Jar measures 3.5” tall by 2” wide and comes with Slayer logo printed in red. Candy comes in red and black pieces each with such terms of endearment as “Destroy”, “Hate”, “Kill”, and of course “SLAYER” imprinted on them! Afterwards, the jar can be reused as a stash tin, dude.

2. One Pound Gummy Heart

Available in cherry flavor only.

3. Candy Bra

Candy G-String and Posing Pouch also available!

4. Bittersweet Conversation Hearts

Bittersweets from Despair.com - comes in Dysfunctional, Dejected, and Dumped.

5. Beer and Pretzel Marshmallows

Not your typical sickly sweet treat - thick and fluffy housemade beer marshmallows, dipped in milk chocolate and topped with beer & pretzel brittle bits.

6. Chocolate Mice

Chocolate mice in three flavors: dark chocolate with an orange interior, milk chocolate with a mocha interior and white with a cinnamon interior. The mice all have almond ears and colorful silky tails.

7. Heart Shaped Cucumbers

A statement from Sainsbury’s said: “Perfectly shaped once sliced, surprise your loved one with an at-home spa treatment complete with a relaxing face mask or play Aphrodite - Goddess of Love by making a romantically dressed Greek salad”.

A limited number of the cucumbers will be harvested this year, although Sainsbury’s said that other seasonal shapes are planned for later in the year. Elaine Young, a spokesperson for the chain said: “Valentine’s Day carries such an element of surprise we hope this year’s fun love cucumber will get hearts racing, whether it’s in a romantic packed lunch or a lovingly prepared salad.”

8. Poison Apple Lollipop

Vanilla apple base, a *serious* splash of French Calvados……and a light dusting of cinnamon. A generous slice of dried apple provides a nice textural contrast and chew.

9. Snake Wine

Scorpion wine also available…

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