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Everything We Know About Chrissy Teigen's Cookbook, Thanks To Instagram

Warning: DEFINITELY contains food pornography.

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The recipes are so damn delicious, they make even her dogs drool. / Via Chrissy Teigen

But don't worry, no dogs were allowed to eat any food that'd hurt their adorable tummies. / Via Chrissy Teigen

But there aren't any promises that Mac Books weren't harmed. / Via Chrissy Teigen

Shit like this has been happening behind the scenes, because Chrissy's a goddess.

She's mastering some sort of ~adult french toast,~ but the most important thing in this photo is one thing: Rum for breakfast. / Via Chrissy Teigen

John's potatoes made the cut. 😍 / Via John Legend

Fritos may or may not get inspired to sponsor whatever pages they're featured in. YUM. / Via Adeena Sussman


Notable selections will include brilliant titles like "shit on toast" and "condiments." / Via Chrissy Teigen

Cheesy bacon jalapeño creamed-cornbread exists, and you're possibly going to get a chance to learn how to make it. / Via Chrissy Teigen


He's actually been a pretty big part of the process, it seems. / Via Adeena Sussman

Mama Teigen has been Chrissy's No. 1 fan through it all. / Via Vilailuck Teigen

And the amount of Mama Teigen recipes you'll get to learn will be out of this damn world. / Via Chrissy Teigen

This is considered "research," apparently, and you're probably reconsidering all research you've ever done in your life. / Via Chrissy Teigen

Let us know if you need any "real people taste testing."

She's been looking cute AF while conducting her testing and research. Because, of course. / Via Chrissy Teigen

*Instantly goes out and buys blue-and-white polka dot PJs*

She even gives a shoutout to the Midwest! Iowa BBQ, the reason for our drooly dreams. / Via Chrissy Teigen

She already has a first edition out, and you should start spending the rest of your life (or at least next few weeks) looking for it. / Via Bonnie Cook

And she's picked out some truly amazing images for the book, that all look better than you and all of the food you've ever eaten. / Via Chrissy Teigen
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