What It Feel Like To Be Single In New York During The Spring

All the terrible feels.

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Ah, spring in New York!

Flicker: Chris Ford / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: chrisschoenbohm

There's nothing like spring in New York. After a long, brutal winter, it's a time of rebirth, a time of pure natural beauty, a time of...

And they're ruining your life.

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Who's hogging that bench in the sun? Couples. Who's holding up the Trader Joe's line? Couples. Who's TAKING UP THE WHOLE SIDEWALK SO THEY CAN HOLD HANDS? Obviously couples.

Besides, I'm busy working on me.

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Me is really close with Seamless. Me rules at Netflix. Me is throwing myself into redoing my pinterest boards and just has NO time to date right now.

Love is totally overrated anyway.


Single means no compromising, never having to share your dinner, or pretending to care about anyone else's interests. Treat yoself all day, every day.

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