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22 Signs You're Getting Older But You're Actually Ok With It

We all think we're going to stay young forever, but slowly, but surely you start to notice things change in your life. And you're ok with it. And there's a lot more kale.

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3. You're not very good at house parties.

You can be found in the corner eating kale chips. Or playing with their cat.

8. So you only date people who are worth your time.

There's going to be no future with that girl with the face tattoo who still lives with her mother. Sigh.

10. After all you have to be comfy in all the weddings you've started attending.

Everyone and their cat are getting married. Every. Week.

15. Your fridge is actually full of food.

And not just condiments and vodka.

18. A 'wild night' is watching something that hasn't been recommended to you on Netflix.

Braving off your list.

20. And you actually stick to it.

You don't need Sky TV or those heels in the sale. You have a budget. And kale.

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